10 Top-Selling Ozzy Osbourne Albums

10 Top-Selling Ozzy Osbourne Albums
Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne released many solo or studio albums in his entire music career. So in this article, we will try to find best selling Ozzy Osbourne album of all time.

Ozzy Osbourne (A.K.A Prince Of The Darkness) is an English musician, singer, and songwriter. He started his career in 1967. Since then, Ozzy Osbourne has made music. During his career, he earned various successes. Ozzy Osbourne is the Founding Member of the Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath formed in Birmingham in 1968. With the band, they achieved various successes. Because of his alcohol and drug addiction, Ozzy Osbourne was fired from Black Sabbath in 1979.

Black Sabbath released 10 studio albums with Ozzy Osbourne. Those albums were successful. After Ozzy Osbourne left the band, the band did not catch the same success without Ozzy.

After Ozzy Osbourne left the band, He reached worldwide success without ease. Ozzy Osbourne released 12 solo studio albums. His albums sold more than 7.370.000 copies. Have you ever wondered which album is the best-selling Ozzy Osbourne Album? Or, What is the best-selling Ozzy Osbourne album? With this list, we try to answer those questions.

Ozzy Osbourne best selling albums:

10-Scream: 680.000 Copies

Ozzy Osburne released the “Scream” album in 2010. He produced the entire album himself on his home studio, “The Bunker” in Los Angles. When we compare this album with Ozzy Osburne‘s early works, we can say that it is a commercially unsuccessful album. The album has sold 680.000 copies all around the world. However, it reached number four on the U.S. Billboard 200. While Ozzy Osborne was recording Scream, Ozzy Osbourne worked with Gus G for the first time. Ozzy Osburne‘s fans did not like this decision. They are used to listening to amazing riffs from the Zakk Wylde.

9-Black Rain: 1.080.000 Copies

Ozzy Osburne released the “Black Rain” album in 2007. When Ozzy Osborne released the album, Black Rain sold 152.000 copies in its first week. It reached number three on the U.S. Billboard 200. Everyone was talking about this album. While Ozzy Osbourne was recording this album, he worked with Zakk Wylde, Mike Bordin, and Rob Nicholson. After the album was released, Zakk Wylde announced that he will not work with Ozzy Osbourne. Fans wonder why Zakk Wylde left the band.

ozzy osbourne albums
Black Rain

8-Down To Earth: 1.930.000 Copies

“Down To Earth” is Ozzy Osburne‘s eighth studio album. Ozzy Osbourne released the album in 2001. Unfortunately, the album did not achieve success on the charts. However, this album has sold 1.930.000 copies all around the world. Ozzy Osbourne collaborated with Robert Trujillo, Mike Bordin, Zakk Wylde, Joe Holmes. Together they created this masterpiece.

7-Ozzmosis: 3.520.000 Copies

Ozzy Osbourne released the “Ozzmosis” album in 1995. To produce this album, Ozzy Osbourne worked with Micheal Beinhorn. Ozzmosis peak number four on the U.S. Billboard 200. Ozzy Osbourne worked with guitarist Zakk Wylde, former Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler, drummer Deen Castronovo, and keyboardist Rick Wakeman. When they released the album, they had taken many bad reviews from critics. Despite bad reviews, the album has sold 3.520.000 copies.

ozzy osbourne albums

6-No Rest For the Wicked: 3,690,000 Copies

Ozzy Osbourne released the “No Rest For The Wicked” album in 1988. This album is special for the Zakk Wylde. He became popular with this album. When Ozzy Osbourne released this album, It became popular without ease. Everyone was talking about the album on the radio. The album has sold 3,690,000 copies.

5- The Ultimate Sin: 3.900.000 Copies

Ozzy Osbourne released “The Ultimate Sin” album on November 15, 1986. In the album, Ozzy Osbourne worked with Jake E. Lee, Randy Castilo, and Phil Soussan. Together they update Osbourne’s sound for a sleek new age. The album has sold 3.900.000 copies all around the world.

4-Bark At The Moon:5,628,000 Copies

Ozzy Osburne released the Bark At The Moon album on November 15, 1983. After the tragic death of Randy Rhodes, fans have low expectations from this album. However, Jake E. Lee proved to them they were wrong. Jake E. Lee showed that he has plenty of muscle to play this album. Also, he helped Bob Daisley to write tracks. The album becomes number 9 on the Swedish albums chart. Also, it ranked number 19 on the Billboard 200. Ozzy Osbourne‘s “Bark At The Moon” album has sold 5,628,000 copies worldwide.

ozzy osbourne albums
Bark At The Moon

3-Diary Of A Madman: 5,650,000 Copies

Diary of A Madman is Ozzy Osbourne‘s second studio album. He released it in 1981. To make this album, Ozzy Osbourne worked with Randy Rhoads on guitar, Bob Daisley on the bass, Nike Bordin on drums, Don Airey on the keyboard, Rudy Sarzo on bass. The album is amazing. Maybe it is better than the “Blizzard Of Ozz” album. It has better catchier riffs. Without a doubt, Diary of A Mad man was better produced. Unfortunately, the album was overshadowed by the “Blizzard of Oz” album. That’s why Ozzy Osbourne has not sold this album as he expected. The album has sold 5,650,000 copies all around the world.

2-No More Tears: 6,200,000 Copies

Ozzy Osbourne released No More Tears in 1991. The album earned massive success. No More Tears ranked number seven on Billboard 200. The album’s success brings him a sales record. No More Tears has sold over 6,200,000 copies. Ozzy Osbourne worked with Zakk Wylde, Randy Castillo, Bob Daisley, and John Sinclair.

What is Ozzy’s best album?

1-Blizzard Of Ozz: 7,370,000 Copies

Blizzard Of Ozz is Ozzy Osbourne‘s debut solo studio album. He released this album in 1980 after he was fired from Black Sabbath. Blizzard Of Ozz became successful beyond Ozzy Osbourne‘s expectations. The album has sold 7,370,000 copies. He worked with Randy Rhoads, Bob Daisley, Don Airey, and Lee Kerslake to make this album.


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