Alice Cooper Net Worth in 2022

Alice Cooper Net Worth in 2022
Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper (A.K.A Godfather of Shock Rock) is a famous American musician who has been making music for over 50 years. He founded a band that bears his name. Alice Cooper released 28 studio albums, 11 live albums, and 21 compilation albums with the band. During his career, he achieved numerous successes with his albums. He won two grammy awards. Alice Cooper also achieved massive commercial success with his albums.

How much is Alice Cooper’s net worth?

Alice Cooper‘s net worth is $50 million in 2022. Outside of his music career, Alice Cooper is a successful actor too. He acted in various films and shows.

Net Worth in 2022:$50 Million
Profession:Singer, Songwriter
Birth Date:4 February 1948
Last Updated:July 2022

Alice Cooper net worth

Early Life

alice cooper net worth
Alice Cooper

Vincent Damon Furnier(Alice Cooper) was born on February 4, 1948. He grew up in Detroit, Michigan. His family has a religious background. His grandfather was an apostle in Jesus Christ’s church. Also, his father was an Evangelist from the same church. That’s why his family members force him to attend church activities. But, he did not like this situation. Before he started high school, his family needed to move to Arizona. Vincent Damon Furnier (Alice Cooper) attended Cortez High School.


alice cooper net worth
Alice Cooper

When Vincent Damon Furnier(Alice Cooper)  started high school, he always wanted to be a successful musician. That’s why Vincent Damon Furnier(Alice Cooper) put more hours into making music practice than doing schoolwork. He formed his first band for a school talent show with Glen Buxton and Dennis Dunaway. Together they played parody songs from The Beatles on a school talent show. The crowd loved their performance and they won the talent show. This success convinced them to start a new band.

Alice Cooper(Vincent Damon Furnier) and his friends started calling themselves The Spiders. They bought instruments that every band needed from a local pawn shop. After the teens graduated from high school in 1966, Michael Bruce joined the band as a guitarist. Then The Spiders released their first single, “Don’t Blow Your Mind,” which achieved massive success in Arizona. The band had traveled to Los Angles to perform their shows constantly. Going to Los Angles was a waste of time and money for the band. That’s why the band decided to move to Los Angles where the band met with Neal Smith. Neal Smith joined the band as a drummer.

In 1968, Vincent Damon Furnier(Alice Cooper) made a plan which helped the band become popular. He suggested adding concerts into dark theatrical themes, and changing the band name to “Alice Cooper.” Also, Vincent Damon Furnier changed his legal name to Alice Cooper. To prevent another band with the same name from taking legal action against the group.

In 1964 Alice Cooper released their first album “Pretties for You.” Unfortunately, Alice Cooper did not find what he expected from this album. Alice Cooper needed to develop their shows at this point. That’s why Alice Cooper began to improve their show with the “Shock Rock” approach. Also, he told music journalists impressive stories to impress fans.

Alice Cooper released their second album, “Easy Action”, in 1970. However, fans did not find what they expected from the band. Despite Alice Cooper‘s effort, their second album failed again. They performed worse while they made the album.

They did not give up after the albums’ commercial failure. They had continued to live shows. After they collected the necessary money for the new album, they released their third album, “Love It to Death.” To create this album, they worked hard. The result impressed everyone. This album broke sales records. This success is massive for the band.

Alice Cooper was an alcoholic. He tried to recover from his addiction. However, he could not accomplish it. At the end of the 70s, Alice Cooper lost to battle against his addiction. He fell into an alcohol coma. Then he was hospitalized for treatment. In the 80s, Alice Cooper released many albums. He could not remember the album-making process because he was drunk. This timeline is known as the band’s “blackout period.” As you can assume, those albums became commercially unsuccessful for the most part.

In the late 80s, Glam rock had started to lose popularity. Grunge metal became popular. At this time, Alice Cooper wanted to make come back. That’s why he had switched to industrial metal to adapt to changing trends. It was the right decision. He became more popular than before with his new style. Also, he started to act in movies.


Alice Cooper released 60 albums during his career. I cannot regret that the majority of albums are terrible. However, some of them are promising. Those albums are:

  • Love It To Death(1971)
  • Killer(1972)
  • Billion Dolar Babies(1973)

Alice Cooper Awards And Achievements

  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Winner(Performers).
  • Kerrang! Legend Award.

What can we learn from Alice Cooper’s life?

alice cooper net worth
Alice Cooper

1 – Do what you what to do

Alice Cooper‘s family did not support his career. That’s why they put obstacles on his road However, he did not listen to them. He follows his dreams.  Thus, he became a successful musician.

2 – Hard work pays off

While Alice Cooper was making their first album, he did not care about albums. He did not put effort into making these albums better. That’s why these albums became commercially unsuccessful. However, he put too much effort into making his third album better. Then he became successful.


  • Pretties for You(1969)
  • Easy Action (1970)
  • Love It to Death(1971)
  • School’s Out(1972)
  • Billion Dollar Babies (1973)
  • School Days: The Early Recordings(1973)
  • Muscle of Love(1973)
  • Greatest Hits(1973)


Alice Cooper is a successful musician and songwriter. In 1964, he formed the Alice Cooper band with Michael Bruce, Dannis Dunaway, and Neal Smith. Together they released several albums. They achieve massive commercial success with those albums. As of 2022, Alice Cooper’s net worth is $50 million.


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