Australian Guitarist Caruso Arrested For Noise Complaints – Rock N’ Roll vs Police


Australian guitarist Savsas Caruso probably wasn’t expecting all those things when he woke up and took his guitar to play something. But his day just turned into something else when he started to got noise complaints. It’s not a very rare thing for musicians, especially for ones living in crowded places.

It’s not Savas Caruso’s -also known as Subblet Hammer- first time playing in the driveway. He plays on the Salisbury Downs suburb of Salisbury, Adelaide driveway from time to time. And that’s not Caruso’s first time having police near him. The day before his arrest, South Australia Police Department officers issued him an environment protection order. That order required Caruso to not play his instrument for three days. But after violating the order it turned out to be a criminal offense so he had to deal with police officers.

About Savas Caruso

While performing just as like any other day, Caruso found plenty of police officers on his driveway. They first unplugged his amp and then they seized him while he was half-naked and took him with them. After this video become popular on the internet, people created a page called “ROCK N’ ROLL VS THE POLICE” to support Caruso. In the petition, they’ve claimed that Caruso hasn’t done any criminal act and this arrest process was not lawful. They’ve also stated that the police have used unnecessary force during the act. They’ve also talked about Caruso in the petition text, saying that he was an “admired member of the Salisbury community” and he was practicing his playing like any other musician. According to that text, he also has an album with 8 original songs and he performs those songs every Sunday at 3 pm, on his driveway.

“They treated him like a dangerous criminal. All this for a non-indictable offense; a mere noise complaint. The police have no grounds on which to enforce this order therefore had no authority to come onto the man’s property while playing his music and disconnect the power followed by the shocking, physical bombardment they call an arrest, of the innocent musician practicing his art.”

But Australian authorities didn’t find him guilty even though the police officers kind of acted like that. The Magistrate threw the case out stating he did not commit any crime and shared that the arrest was lawful as people claimed.

If you want to take a look at the page and support that case for Caruso, you can use this link to go there.

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