Billie Eilish Is Working With BBC On A Big Project

Billie Eilish BBC

Billie Eilish is still making her way through the music industry. Despite her young age, she is making her way on top of the charts with pretty much every work she releases. And now, she is reportedly onto even bigger things. And this time, BBC is also involved.

Billie Eilish (19) already has songs reached on top of the charts, has millions and even billions of views. But that doesn’t seem enough for her since she is still producing music and working on things. She is reportedly working on some secret, bigger, important project. One of the counterparts of this project is the worldwide known BBC.

In the July edition of Music Week, Polydor -Record Label Company Billie Eilish works with- co-president Tom March teased a little bit of information about Billie Eilish’s future works with BBC. According to his teases, Billie will work with the organization, and with that work, she will promote her second studio album. Speaking of the second studio album, it is going to be released on July 30, 2021.

Currently, there is no information if this cooperation going to be a television or radio-related one. It might be some BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge event or a BBC live event where other artists such as Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, Adele, and more.

Co-president March also shared some more information about Billie Eilish. According to March, there are already more than 20.000 physical pre-orders for Happier Than Ever. These pre-orders include vinyl by Amazon, Urban Outfitters Uk and HMV, and also the exclusive Spotify cassettes. March talked about that vinyl by saying these words:

“Vinyl is massively important to Billie and her fans. She is one of the rare artists whose streaming audience is enormous but her fans love enjoying a physical format. Billie has worked really hard to make the vinyl formats incredibly special for her fans. They know the amount of love she puts into this.”

BBC is not the only rumored partnership or cooperation she is mentioned. A couple of days ago rumors started about a possible Billie Eilish and Nike Air Jordan cooperation. She hasn’t answered or talked about these rumored cooperations yet. Expectedly as she is growing in the industry, more brands and companies are want to work with her.

She released her last song a couple of weeks ago, in early January. If you want to listen to it, you can check the official music video below. Don’t forget to share your opinions and theories about this possible Billie Eilish BBC project.


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