Black Sabbath Band’s Top 10 Albums in The Discography

Black Sabbath Band's Top 10 Albums in The Discography
Black Sabbath

What Black Sabbath album is the best? While you are reading these questions, which album came to your mind?

Black Sabbath is an English heavy metal band formed in 1968. The principal members are Ozzy Osbourne, Terry Butler, Tonny Iommi, and Bill Ward. Black Sabbath has released nineteen studio albums and eight live albums over five-decade.

During the band’s lifespan, several band members had changed. After the Ozzy Osbourne, fans believe that there is no such thing as Black Sabbath. Fans think the same for Ronnie James Dio. That’s why this list will focus on Ozzy Osbourne and Ronnie James Dio eras.

10- Never Say Die

We started this list with an album from the Ozzy Osbourne era in 1978. Never Say Die album is the Black Sabbath eighth studio album. When they released this album, the band encountered problems in their live performances. Their support bands like Van Halen do not attend the live performances. Because of these problems, Ozzy Osbourne wants to leave the band. Because of that, we see a singer Dave Walker while listening to a few tracks from the album. Unfortunately, the song is the weakest album from the band’s 1970’s period. Despite the awful comments about this album, the song sung by Ozzy Osbourne is fine. Especially title track.

Why is the Black Sabbath album called 13?

9- 13

Everyone knows number 13 brings us a bad chance. Using this title is very ironic for the Black Sabbath. This album had started to record with Ozzy Osbourne. However, the band released it in 2013. Despite the length of the record, producer Rick Rubin made a good job. He aimed to harken back to the band’s early days. We can see examples of this effort on the tracks such as “End of the Beginning,” and “Zeitgeist.

How many Black Sabbath albums are there without Ozzy?

8- Mob Rules

Black Sabbath had made this album with Ronnie James Dio. To make this album popular, Ronnie James Dio put too much effort in to make this album. With his effort, the band caught the same popularity previous album Heaven and Hell. Despite Ronnie’s efforts, the album caused some problems among the band members. Because of these issues, Ronnie James Dio wanted to leave the band.


This album is the final classic Ozzy Osbourne album released in 1975. While the band was recording this album, they needed to deal with the former manager Patrick Meehan who caused stress among the band members. This stress affects entire band members. As you can assume, it affected all recording processes.
Despite all stress, the album includes a mix of heavier and experimental successful songs like “Supertzar.” The track become number 7 on the United Kingdom charts. Besides the success, the band got good critics with this song which Black Sabbath did not often achieve.

6- Heaven and Hell

After Ozzy Osbourne left the band, the bandmember tried to find a new singer. They found Ronnie James Dio, a vocalist who could sing more different from Ozzy Osbourne. As a consequence, this decision changed band style completely. Unfortunately, they cannot use the doom and down-tuned heaviness of Ozzy Osbourne anymore. Because of the conflict between band members, Black Sabahatth‘s last two albums are messy. The band made a comeback with this album.

5- Vol.4

As you can assume, this album is the Black Sabahatth‘s fourth album, released in 1972. During the album-making process, drugs played a crucial role. You can see an example of this situation from the lyrics. Lyrics constantly discuss the blur between reality and substance-induced non-reality. While listening to the “Snowblind,” you can hear many examples of this situation.

4-Master of Reality

This album is known as the heaviest album made by the Black Sabbath. This album includes key classics such as “Sweet Leaf,” and “Children of The Grave.”  Also, this album is crucial for Ozzy Osbourne. Because with this album, Ozzy shows his range as a vocalist was improving at this point.

3- Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath album is the band’s first album. That’s why this album has a special place in the fan’s heart. Musically this album was heavier than their peers in Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple had done. That’s why this album is known as the first heavy metal album.  Because of this lyrical themes depending on Satan and the occult, caused a stir with religious groups. That’s why the band has been taken negative reviews about this album.  Despite the critics, we cannot deny this album created a new musical genre that continued to exist 50 years after its release.

2-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath was released in 1973. With this album, the band continues dark heaviness. Because of the combination of the melodic and heaviest cuts, the title track is liked by the majority of the fans.

With this album, the band achieved commercial success beyond their expectation. Black Sabbath becomes the number US Billboard charts and number four on the UK album charts.

What Black Sabbath album is best?


Paranoid is Black Sabahath‘s second and most known album. It was released in 1970 after eight-month the first album. It is an all-time heavy metal classic.  The paranoid first side includes four all-time classics:” War Pigs,” “Planet Caravan” and “Iron Man.”  In this album, we see that the greatest guitarist Tonny Lommi moves up to the rank of Riff General. This album includes three key parts Influence, impact, and unparalleled quality. Those key parts make the Paranoid album the greatest achievement for the Black Sabbath.


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