1. Frankly, the first two don’t belong on this list, they are hard rock at best. Their influence is a given but not their inclusion.
    Sacrifice is a band that needs to be on the list.

      1. Rush was by far a metal band in the 70’s and were often criticized for not having much radio friendly music.
        I get how that might not makes sense to newer generations but the past is always relevant

    1. Rush was absolutely metal in the 70’s. Some new generations can’t always accept that but they were.
      Considering that bands like Kiss and Alice Cooper were considered metal back then, Rush was heavier by far

    1. Nowadays that makes sense but in the 70’s especially Rush were definitely considered to be metal and yes, a lot of their music was quite heavy back then

  2. There is one band that deserves to be in this list and that is F.I.S.T. The tracks Thunder in Rock and Hot Spikes are classics.

  3. Sacrifice is one the best oldschool trash bands. Cryptopsy and Beyond Creation for death metal and Archspire is doing very well in the technical death metal side of things

  4. 100%. Brilliant old school heavy metal that didn’t compromise even as they were desperate for radio play. Ottawa area band as well !
    Their 1st 4 albums are classics to this day. Sadly they’ve been forgotten.

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