Cronos retelling the embarrassing story about Slayer frontman Tom Araya

Cronos retelling the embarrassing story about Slayer frontman Tom Araya

Venom’s frontman Cronos joined the Classic Rock magazine’s interview. During the interview, Cronos tells stories about the band’s past tours. Cronos retelling the embarrassing story about Slayer Frontman Tom Araya.

When thrash metal fans heard that Slayer, Venom, and Exodus announced Ultimate Revenge Tour (A.K.A the Combat Tour), thrash metal fans freaked out. Everyone wants to join this tour concerts. That’s why tour tickets sold without ease. While Cronos started to retell a story about Tom Araya. Venom fans waiting for a different story from Cronos but he disappointed the interviewer. He is retelling the same story known by every metal music fan.

cronos retelling embarrassing story

“That story has been twisted so many ways… I’ve heard, ‘Tom Araya stuck his dick in the guitarist’s mouth’ and ‘Tom Araya tried to fuck the bus driver’s ear’…

Here’s the truth. A gig got canceled, so we let Slayer stay on our bus as they had nowhere to sleep. Then Tom got drunk and pissed himself. I got annoyed, so I fucking headbutted him and knocked the guy out.

The next morning, he came in with a black eye and was all apologetic, like, ‘Sorry, I was out of order.’ I said, Not a problem, man. It’s metal!”

We listened to the different versions of the story from Dave Lombardo in 2006. It was more exciting for the fans.

“I remember Tom getting punched by Cronos. We were in the back of the bus drinking, we hammered. It was our first time on a tour bus. I remember that Venom started the tour with these extravagant tour buses, At the end of the tour, they were bankrupt and driving around in cars. So Jeff and I were drinking in the back of the bus with Cronos — I think we were playing ‘Hell Awaits’ for him. Tom came in, hammered out of his mind, going, ‘I gotta take a piss! Where’s the bathroom in this thing?’ And Cronos goes, ‘Right here — right here in my mouth!’ And Tom took him literally. He pulled down his pants, whipped it out, and went to the bathroom on Cronos‘ hair. Cronos got up, grabbed Tom Araya, and punched him in the face. They spent the rest of the night blaming each other, and Tom did the rest of the tour with a black eye.”

Kerry Ring was talked about this story: “I still can’t believe Tom pissed on his head. I was still star-struck by Cronos at that point, and I was like, ‘Holy shit!’ That’s definitely a Tom claim-to-fame; I gotta say. I’m not sure I would’ve handled it that way.”

You can watch Slayer and Venom while they are performing in the combat tour below.


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