Don Henley Net Worth in 2022

Don Henley Net Worth in 2022
Don Henley

What is the net worth of Don Henley in 2022? Don Henley is a successful songwriter, singer, and drummer whose net worth is $250 million in 2022. He became popular with The Eagles as co-founder of the band. Don Henley is a multitalented musician. He can play drums or the guitar also he can sing vocals. With those skills, he can generate millions. He is the richest member of The Eagles band.

Don Hanley released seven studio albums, two live albums, and ten compilation albums with The Eagles band. Those albums have sold 150 million copies all around the world. With these album sales, The Eagles became the best-selling band in American history. Also, Don Hanley pursues a successful solo career. He released five albums as a solo artist.

Don Henley’s Net Worth

Early Life

don henley net worth
The Eagles

Donald Hugh Henley(Don Henley) was born in 1947 in Gilmer, Texas. When he was a high school student, he was on the high school’s football team. Because of his height, Don Henley was forced to leave the team. Don Henley started to be interested in music. Don Henley joined the high school band. He attended several shows with the school band.

He started his career in Four Speeds when he was a high school student. He performed with that group several times. Also, he wrote a song for the band called Felicity. The song caught a massive local success. Even some successful musicians heard this song like Kenny Rogers. After Keeny Roger heard the single, he started to help the band.


don henley net worth
The Eagles

After Felicity disbanded in 1971, Don Henley met with the Gleen Frey in Los Angles. The pair joined Linda Ronstadt’s backup band in 1971. Then, they started touring with her. However, the pair did not get what they deserved. That’s why they decided to form their band. To form their band, they recruited Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon. They formed their band, The Eagles, in 1971.

They released their debut album, Take It Easy, in 1972. While the band was making this album, the band played a central role in the band’s creative process. Don Henley wrote the band’s most successful singles. Those singles are “Witchy Woman,” “Desperado,” and many others. Also, Don Henley performed as a lead vocal on the band’s popular songs, “One of These Nights,” “Hotel California,” and “Life in the Fast Lane.” The Eagles released 19 albums. Those albums have sold 150 million copies worldwide. With these album sales, The Eagles members have generated millions. As of 2022, the Eagles member‘s net worth is $408 million. Besides the commercial success, The Eagle’s band members achieved musical success. The band won six grammy awards.

Although the success of the band, the band members fight with each other. As a result, The Eagles disbanded in 1980. The group reunited in 1994, however, and began to tour extensively. After the band disbanded, Don Henley decided to pursue a solo career. He released his solo album, Leather and Lace, with his girlfriend in 1981. After Don Henley saw the first album’s success, he decided to release his second album, “I Can’t Stand Still.” The album reached significant success with the track, Dirty Laundry. The track became number three on charts.


  • Dirty Laundry(Song, 1982)
  • Desperado(Song, 1973)
  • Hotel California(Album, 1976)

Don Henley’s Awards and Achievements

  • Grammy Award for Rock Male Vocalist(The Boys Of Summer)
  • Grammy Award for Rock Male Vocalist(The End of the Innocence)
  • Grammy Award for MusiCares Person of the Year


  • Eagles(1972)
  • Desperado(1973)
  • On the Border(1974)
  • One of These Nights(1975)
  • Hotel California(1976)
  • The Long Run(1979)
  • I Can’t Stand Still (1982)
  • Building the Perfect Beast (1984)
  • The End of the Innocence (1989)
  • Inside Job (2000)
  • Long Road Out of Eden(2007)
  • Cass County (2015)


Don Henley is a successful songwriter, drummer, and singer. He formed the Eagles in 1971 with Gleen Frey andy Meisner and Bernie Leadon. With the band, he has generated millions. Don Henley became the fourth wealthiest drummer. As of 2022, Don Henley‘s net worth is $250 million. He is one of the richest members of The Eagles band.


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