Ex-Judas Priest Guitarist Talks on Jimi Hendrix As His Rock God

Jimi Hendrix Rock God

K.K. Downing, currently playing for KK’s Priest and former guitarist of Judas Priest talked about Jimi Hendrix. During his interview, he mentioned Jimi Hendrix as his rock god.

K.K. Downing on Jimi Hendrix

Kenneth “K. K.” Downing Jr. was on BBC’s The Rock Show With Jonnie Walker. During a part where he chooses his “Rock God” K.K. Downing chose Jimi Hendrix. After that, he told the story about how he first listened to him and the rest. He started his word by telling how he first see Jimi Hendrix.

“I first saw Jimi at Coventry Theatre way back in 1967, and what an amazing night that was,”

This wasn’t the only time where K.K. Downing sees his “Rock God”. According to his words on The Rock Show With Jonnie Walker, he saw Hendrix no less than six times. He said how lucky he was to see Hendrix that many times, including two of his appearances at Royal Albert Hall. During that appearance, Downing managed to get an autograph from his “Rock God”. He told to story in his words:

“And yes, I was out there, at the stage door, autograph hunting. I was really lucky — Jimi arrived, and I managed to get his autograph, which was a real treat.”

Jimi Hendrix Rock God

Later in the interview, Downing told a story very important for him. This story goes back to Hendrix’s Isle of Wight performance in the summer of 1970.

“I absolutely must tell the story about the Isle Of Wight festival where Jimi was performing. Myself and a friend cunningly worked our way back to the dressing room area, which was outside, but Jimi, Noel and Mitch were in a caravan that they were using for a dressing room. And me and my friend, we hinged the window up and there they were, the three of the Experience around a table with a couple of ladies. And myself and my mate, we managed to get a drumstick from Mitch and a Coke bottle that Jimi had just finished drinking a beverage from, and that was a real highlight of my whole life.”

During the ’60s Hendrix was the pioneer of the music industry, claimed by many others. Lots of important musicians in our days, see Jimi Hendrix as their idol, or influence, or their “Rock God” as the former guitarist of Judas Priest K.K Downing said. In his time of fame, Hendrix made into charts much time, including his 1968 album “Electric Ladyland” hitting number 1 on the Billboard 200. Sadly on September 18 1970 and at the age of 27, Hendrix died, caused because of an overdose.

K.K. Downing’s group, KK’s Priest, is on a celebration time for Downing’s career’s 50th anniversary. They will select shows for that celebration, which will contain both classic and new songs. Downing was with Judas Priest until 2011. Now he’s with his band KK’s Priest. They released their first single “Hellfire Thunderbolt” from the LP earlier this month.


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