Former Black Sabbath Drummer Talks About Online Hate

Unfortunately, online hate is an inevitable term in our current day of age. Especially for people who are on stage. Even their slightest moves can cause a lot of hate and for the age of the internet, it is much easier for fans to show their hate through online channels. And those online hate acts are not just for small bands or small musicians. Even the biggest names can be a victim of online hate. Today, we are going to talk about a drummer, who’s played with various names on stage including Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, and more.

Former Black Sabbath Drummer Tommy Clufetos was a guest at Aftershocks TV. During the conversation, he received a question about online hate. The main source of online hate about Tommy Clufetos is because he is replacing a lot of huge names. When he got into a project or when he replaces someone, online people start to send hate messages to him. Buıt if we look at his words, he doesn’t seem to care about it at all. Here are Tommy Clufetos’s words about that:

“I don’t pay much attention. I started so early and I learned so early that you’ve gotta have thick skin in this business and you’ve gotta be a big boy. Because if I were to listen to people early on, because it started early on — from the moment I got on stage, other bandmembers would say, ‘You can’t play that way. You need to hit your cymbals lighter. You need to do this. You’re playing too loud. Too much. Too much.’ If I were to listen to them, I’d be playing in a wedding band and not talking to you guys. So I’ve learned you’ve gotta trust your gut, you’ve gotta go with your instincts, and you only get one shot at this business, so I’m doing it my way. So it doesn’t bother me.”

Some of his words are very important and show us that he understands the requirements of this job. Tommy Clufetos looks very ready for any type of hate comments. In the next parts of his conversation, he states that he doesn’t list negative comments but doing this also requires him to not listen to positive comments either. He only listens to some very close people like his dad. He clearly says that he’s not interested in the online situation going on. Tommy Clufetos says that he only cares about his job and doing the best of it.

Former Black Sabbath Drummer Tommy Clufetos’ thoughts can be an example for every musician who’s struggling with online hate.


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