Green Day Getting American Idiot Funko Pop Figures

Today we have some good news for Funko Pop! collectors. American rock band Green Day is now getting their very own Funk Pop! figures from their American Idiot era. They are now available for pre-order and they look exactly the same as the American Idiot music video. Here are all the details about Green Day Funko Pop! figures.

Green Day is getting 3 Funko Pop! figures. One for each band member. Billi Joe Armstrong, Tree Cool, and Mike Dirnt figures are going to be in this set and they will have the exact same outfit and looks from their American Idiot music video.  Figures are going to be vinyl and 4.25 inches tall.

As we’ve said in the beginning, Green Day Funko Pop! figuıres are now available for pre-order. Each item has a price tag of $8.99 individually and if you want to buy them all in once the price is $24.99. If you are interested and want to pre-order those Green Day Funko Pops, you can use that link to visit the official website and put your order in. Currently, there aren’t any stock issues but there might be so if you are a collector and want to have those figures it’s best to have them right now.

But those Funko Pop! figures are not the only Green Day collectibles that are coming out around these days. Their Oakland Coffee Works company is also serving a rare vinyl. That rare vinyl is a limited 7″ one and contains Green Day’s 1994 BBC Radio 1 Evening Sessions performance. It’s limited and special because it’s the first time we are getting those recordings in a physical form. It also includes live recordings of popular Green Day songs “2000 Light Years Away” and “She”

Bass Player of Green Day shared his opinions on this special vinyl release by pointing out how much they wanted to do BBC Sessions and how important it is for them. So having it in physical form is very important for them.

“Over the years we’ve always looked forward to doing The BBC sessions. All of our favorite artists have done them. We knew these recordings would come out one and be something special,”

For anyone who’s interested in the special vinyl release of Green Day, it’s also available for pre-order on the Oakland Coffe website and the estimated shipping date is July 19. You can check the official website to get more information.


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