Guns N’ Roses Slash Reflects His Thoughts for Eddie Van Halen

Guns N' Roses Slash Reflects His Thoughts for Eddie Van Halen
Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash

The guitarist of the famous rock band Guns N’ Roses, Slash has recently appeared in an interview and reflected his thoughts about the talented guitarist Eddie Van Halen, along with other stuff.

The lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, Slash has became famous later in the 1980s. Despite his hiatus from the band for a twenty-year, Slash still made it to perform in the entire Guns albums, except for the last one, Chinese Democracy. Back in 1996, Slash had left the band until he rejoined them in 2016.

As the talented guitarist has also been promoting a new album, titled 4, with Myles Kenedy and The Conspirators, Slash also made an appearance on a radio channel, giving his opinions for Eddie Van Halen. Slash also named Van Halen’s lead guitarist as a guitar “innovator,” “a gifted musician” and “an amazing artist,” in an earlier interview of his, as well.

The talented musician Slash started to talk about Eddie Van Halen after a question about him was directed.

“By and large, I really don’t come from this ’80s shredding school of guitar playing at all. But when I first heard, along with everybody else, in 1978 and first heard the Van Halen debut record, it really fucked me. That was a heavy fucking record. I mean, that was the moment that the Seventies just changed, that particular record. And as a guitar player, I was just a kid, I was just picking up the guitar at that time. I hadn’t even started at that moment.”

That interview happened with Guns N’ Roses beloved guitarist and continued as he also started giving his credits to the talented guitarist of Van Halen.

“I started the following year, but when I started getting into guitar playing, everybody was trying to emulate Eddie and they were all focusing on the obvious techniques and the fucking finger tapping and the harmonics and the tremolo bar stuff and all these really fucking great techniques that Eddie had.

But the way that he did it was such a part of his personality and it was such a part of his melodic sensibility that it had this musical fluidity that nobody after that really ever came close to playing that style of guitar playing,” explained Slash his thoughts about Eddie Van Halen.

“And so I always loved Eddie. And in between any of his very specific techniques, he also just had great fucking rock and roll lyrics, just really cool, bluesy, fucking rock lyrics. So, yeah – loved Eddie,” ended Slash reflecting his opinions about Eddie Van Halen, showing how he actually respects him, as well.

But still, the talented guitarist didn’t stop giving Van Halen’s guitarist his credits, along with showing how much he admires him. So he continued telling about more of his opinions about the talents he has seen in Eddie Van Halen.

“The thing about Eddie is that he was such a gifted musician. Any instrument he had chosen to play would have been phenomenal because he just had that pure musical talent. And he chose guitar because that’s what turned him on.

And for somebody with that kind of musical talent to get turned on to rock ‘n’ roll guitar was sort of unique unto itself because most of us guitar players are a ragged bunch of rock ‘n’ rollers who don’t have to much technical ability or schooling.

We just sort of go for this raw thing. And he had that, but he also had this musical, sort of classical gift. Then, on top of that, just being somebody sort of like Les Paul, who hears something in his head or has an idea and creates it.

So it made him a triple threat. He was a great guitar player, but he was also this amazing musician, so it just made his guitar playing that much greater.

And then he was an innovator on top of it, creating new things with whatever his imagination came up with. So he was just an amazing artist, period,”

Ultimately finished Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash his conversation about Van Halen‘s guitarist Eddie Van Halen with those words.


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