Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson Talks About Brexit

Bruce Dickinson

Brexit was a huge topic of conversation for a while before and after it’s accepted. Plenty of famous faces talked about Brexit. Some approved, some didn’t but in the end, The United Kingdom withdrew from European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community at 23:00 31 January 2020 GMT. Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson was a person who talked and shared opinions before the U.K’s withdrawal. He was a supporter during the voting time and he shared that he voted for Brexit in the referendum.

But things can change in time. Bruce Dickinson was a supporter of Brexit once, is recently complaining about it. His main complaint point is about Brexit’s impact on UK’s touring artists. But there is this famous saying in our current age: “the internet never forgets”. That’s why people are mocking Bruce Dickinson for his recent complaints about Brexit’s negative impacts. First, let’s see what was he saying before he voted for U.K’s withdrawal from the EU.

“Brexit actually opens our borders, Brexit opens the United Kingdom to the whole of the world. Brexit will not change the status of the UK by very much – it will enhance our economic capabilities.”

But as we said, things can change over time. Dickinson was at Sky News on Monday, June 28. During his appearance, he started talking about the negative impacts they’ve had because of Brexit. He shared his opinions about how it affected musicians and the entertainment industry in general. And it kind of looks like he has some regrets.

“Don’t get me started on the government’s attitude to the entertainment industry. We are probably one of the U.K.’s major exports. I mean – come on. And yet we’re sitting here. We can’t do anything. It’s very well known that I voted for Brexit. But, you know, the idea is that after you’ve done it, you then go in and be sensible about the relationship you have with people. So, at the moment, all this guff about not being able to play in Europe, and the Europeans not being able to play over here and work permits and all the rest of the rubbish – come on!

“You know, get your act together – put a decent bloke in who can do something about the relationship with Europe. We can play America easier than we can play Europe at the moment… ‘Cause, we have a sold-out tour, by the way – hundreds of thousands of people in Europe. So it’s just, like, hang on. Export central – what happened to all that stuff? So, let’s get it on, government.”

But we’ve talked about one saying, about the internet not forgetting. So people mocked Bruce Dickinson after his statements at Sky News. Some of them were like these:

  • The EU is simply honoring his vote. Or is it that he didn’t understand what he was voting for?
  • “Maybe you should have done some research, this is exactly what you voted for you idiot,”
  • Welcome to the Brexit, that’s exactly what you voted for

More of those replies can be fouınd all over Twitter.

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