K.K. Downing Talks About Judas Priest and KK’s Priest

K.K. Downing

After leaving the Judas Priest in 2011, K.K. Downing is continuing his music career with KK’s Priest. And from time to time he got questions and critics about them. Recently, K.K. Downing answered one of those questions he’s been getting. That was about people saying that KK’s Priest is a “copy” of Judas Priest.

K.K. Downing is one of the experienced and popular names in the metal music industry. He is the co-founder of the Judas Priest since 1969 and after leaving the band in 2011, he’s been pursuing his career with the KK’s Priest. Maybe because of the name, maybe for some other reason, he’s been getting some critics saying “KK’s Priest is just another version of Judas Priest”. In his interview with Billboard, he answered that questions. He started by giving a quick answer to those critics

“I don’t see it that way. We’re not a new old band or an old new band.”

After that brief explanation, he then proceeds to explain in a bit more detailed way.

“This is not just a version of Judas Priest. That’s where the fans are looking at this wrong. I understand that, though. This is not me saying, ‘Oh, this is my Judas Priest. But I don’t want to dispense with the name Priest, because it belongs to me as much as it does anybody else… and more.”

We see fans comparing bands musicians who took place before and after time to time. For K.K. Downing, the situation is a bit more tricky because of the names and he is a founder for both of those bands. But he made his explanation pretty well. He also went to explain about this situation about songs. But he also said that he understands that fans can think as they want.

“I don’t quite see that myself, but then again, would I if I’m so close to it?. It’s all subjective. It’s absolutely down to the fan, and everybody’s individual as to what they perceive and what they hear.”

KK’s Priest is going to release their new album this summer. Their album called Sermons Of The Sinner is now available for pre-order and it’s going to be out on August 20. The first LP from that album, Hellfire Thunderbolt, has been released last month and got good feedbacks from listeners. They also shared the song Sermons Of The Sinner a couple of days ago. Downing also explained more stuff about Judas Priest and KK’s Priest in his autobiography, which has been released in 2018.



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