K.K. Downing Tells His Respect To Iron Maiden

K.K. Downing Iron Maiden

Former Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing was on an interview with the Talk Toomey. During the podcast, K.K Downing spoke about the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden and his words were very high on them.

K.K Downing is widely known for his time at Judas Priest. He is the co-founder of Priest and played the guitar for many years in the heavy metal scene. Now, he is continuing his music career with KK’s Priest. Because of his long-time experience and knowledge of metal music, we often see him talking about various musicians and bands. In one of his latest interviews, K.K. Downing was talking about the British metal band Iron Maiden.

Downing was a guest in the Talk Toomey podcast. During that show, he shared his opinions on Iron Maiden and told how he hugely respects them. He started to talk about their place amongst the British heavy metal bands.

“I would have to say I appreciate the mighty IRON MAIDEN because, obviously, being British — Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Saxon, whatever. And when you think about it, there’s really not enough — there should have been a lot more coming through on the back of those bands. So maybe that time will come.”

“You always hear about the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, which apparently IRON MAIDEN and SAXON and DEF LEPPARD were, but we don’t have the ‘New New’ wave. We had the one wave… We may have been the first, let’s say; the second, those guys; but where is the third wave? But, yeah, congratulations to those guys for being ginormous, and, obviously, I have total respect. But I must commend those guys for their work ethic. Boy, they just go round and round the world. Where do they get their energy from?”

In his autobiography book, K.K Downing was also talking about Maiden and actually how he is jealous of them a bit. When he got the question on that topic, he explains that how they made something wrong as a band -when he was with the Priest- and how Iron Maiden has done those things correctly. He kept telling stories about their tours when they first experienced Iron Maiden is gaining popularity. K.K Downing ended his words by saying those about Iron Maiden:

“But, anyway, like I said, it’s all water under the bridge. Those guys were young, coming up through the ranks, a bit delinquent, but at least they had balls, they got on with it, they knew what they wanted to do.”


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