Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach Announces His Favorite Metal Bands

jesse leach favorite metal bands
Jesse Leach

Every metalhead has different favorite groups. Killswitch Engage’s frontman Jesse Leach had given an interview recently. While he revealed heavy metal listing choices, Killswitch Engage’s frontman Jesse Leach announced his favorite three metal bands in the interview.  Jesse Leach’s favorite metal bands might amaze you.

Who is the Jesse Leach?

Jesse David Leach is an American singer. He is the frontman of the two bands Killswitch Engage and Times of Grace. Although his career started in the 90s, Jesse Leach becomes popular with the Killswitch band. He contributed eight studio albums and 23 singles. The Atonement album includes the “Unleashed” track is crucial for Jesse Leach. Because Killswitch Engage band won the Grammy Award Nomination with the “Unleashed.” You can listen to Killswitch Engage‘s award-winning track below.

Jesse Leach’s favorite metal bands

Jesse Leach attended Sobre La Dosis‘s question and answer podcast on March 2. During the interview, the interviewer asked several questions to Jesse Leach. One question is his Top 3 metal bands. Choosing your best band always be hard. That’s why When Jesse Leach answered the question, he hesitate. Because Jesse Leach said that his favorite metal bands are constantly changing.

Jesse Leach answered, “I mean, classic Metallica.” He added, “Going back to those first four records, five records. You can’t go wrong if you put on any one of those records. And I know those words by heart.”

Many musicians share thoughts of Jesse Leach. First, five Metallica albums are the best. Those albums represent Metallica’s most creative era. Other albums are below the fan’s expectations. That’s why Metallica started losing popularity day by day.

Jesse Leach continued, “Early Metallica — I mean Metallica, in general, is a great band — but for me, just that era, there was nothing like it. And I know it’s probably a typical answer, but it’s true. I truly love early Metallica.”

He does not only listen to Metallica. He has two other favorite bands. Jesse Leach said, “When I jump in my car and go for a ride, Katatonia is pretty high on the list. I’ve been listening to them a lot lately. And winter too tends to bring on different types of music that I enjoy. Rivers of Nihil has been one I love. The new record The Work is really good.”

Rivers of Nihil band is a tech-based death metal band. Rivers of Nihil band use technology to make their songs. That’s why Rivers of Nihil are different from the regular metal bands. Their recent release “The Work” is created wawes in the metal world. Katatonia is a Swedish heavy metal band formed in Stockholm. During their career, they have gained a huge fan base who loves death metal like Jesse Leach. Katatonia’s released their last album in 2020. However, the album stays popular. This album is beyond the fan’s expectations.

What do you think about Jesse Leach‘s favorite metal bands? Which metal band is your favorite? You can share your thoughts in the comment section. If you want to watch the full interview, you can watch it below.


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