Kirk Hammett Teamed Up With Gibson

Kirk Hammett

Gibson is one of the most popular instrument brands in the world. Since they’ve been founded almost 100 years ago, they’ve partnered with various famous names in the industry. As of today, they’ve teamed up with another huge name in the metal music world. This time, it is one of the most popular guitarists in the industry, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett.

Kirk Hammett is in the metal music world since 1979 and he’s been with Metallica since 1983. He worked and cooperated with plenty of brands throughout his career and now he’s adding one more and joining to Gibson Family. This partnership will include Gibson and Epiphone guitars, meaning the whole Gibson Brands.

“It’s a really great and exciting time for me to be joining forces with Gibson. I look forward to achieving great things together in the future.” was Kirk Hammett’s words about his partnership with Gibson.

Gibson Brands president Cesar Gueikian welcomed Kirk Hammett and said:

“It’s an honor to welcome the icon, the ripper, Kirk Hammett back to the Gibson family. Kirk has been carrying the flag for hard rock and heavy metal for decades, and his Gibson guitars have been there with him from the very beginning. From his first Gibson, his 1979 Flying V to ‘Greeny’ and everything in between, Gibson guitars have been an integral part of Kirk‘s sound. All of us at Gibson are looking forward to this collaboration and are grateful that Kirk has trusted us to begin a new partnership.”

They’ve also posted a video to announce Kirk Hammett’s joining to Gibson family. Cesar Gueikian did a video interview with Metallica’s Kirk Hammett. They’ve talked about their partnership and what fans can expect from this partnership. As we’ve mentioned before, there’s going to be special Kirk Hammett guitars but there isn’t any information about what type of guitars are coming.

Gibson Welcomes Kirk Hammett

Whenever I hear “Monsters of Rock” it makes me think about how fortunate I am to be able to work with Gibson and ESP, because with these two giants, I get the monsters … and the rock ! Thank you so much for everything.” -From Kirk Hammett’s Instagram

We congratulate Kirk Hammett and Gibson for their partnership. As soon as we get new information about this partnership and what to expect from it, we will be sharing them with you. In the meantime keep following us for news.


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