KISS frontman Paul Stanley Talking on Elon Musk Twitter Bought

KISS frontman Paul Stanley Talking on Elon Musk Twitter Bought
KISS frontman Paul Stanley

KISS frontman Paul Stanley talked about Elon Musk‘s new $44 billion USD Twitter purchase. He answered some of the questions like if Musk could have solved world hunger instead of buying this social platform.

Paul Stanley just tweeted about that and said: “I may be missing something (please tell me). Rather than funding a personal acquisition, wouldn’t our world be better advanced by using far less than 44 BILLION DOLLARS to eradicate world hunger? Cure cancer? The list is long & the possibilities endless.” If the agreement is approved it will create Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company founder, and according to sources the world’s wealthiest man to be the new owner of the online social network platform which has over 200 million members. We will see what happens after that deal.

Elon Musk planned to take the social media company offline and claimed the move was an opportunity for free speech, despite the fact that the Tesla Chief Executive has a track record of trying to block or silence those who express a critique of his plans or methods. Elon Musk has also blocked users on Twitter as well as a teenager Jack Sweeny, who created a Twitter bot to track Musk’s Gulfstream private jet and tweets live updates of its position by using data that is publicly available.

However, in 2021 David Beasley, the director of the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP), told CNN that it will only require “$6 billion to assist 42 million people who will be killed,” and that billionaires including two of the richest men in the world, Musk and Jeff Bezos are required to “step up right now in a single-time manner.” After the CNN story was circulated via Twitter, Musk responded that the company would consider selling Tesla stock if WFP could come up with a strategy to end hunger around the world at $6 billion. However, Beasley has since clarified that he did not mean Musk could be able to solve the world’s hunger problem with an offer, but the money would have contributed to the lives of millions. “$6 billion won’t solve the world’s hunger problem but it can stop massive migration, geopolitical instability and help save 42 million people at risk of starvation,” David Beasley tweeted.

Also, KISS member Gene Simmons reacted to the tweet and said: 

“Fantastic news, at the outset. @elonmusk is now the proud owner of @twitter. Free speech, is important. But, Hate speech and factual misinformation (lies) should not be part of Free Speech, in my humble opinion. Good luck to Elon.”

Then one of the KISS fans responded that free speech means “It’s either all of it or none of it. You’re talking out of your ass. You do not have the right to stand up in a movie theater and yell FIRE, just because you feel like it. That’s Incitement To Riot. You know that, right?”

The tweet gets 3.7 replies, quotes, likes, and retweets. Check out some important tweets below!


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