Marilyn Manson Accused of Sexual Assault Once Again

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson is one of the most controversial names in the metal and rock industry. Throughout his entire career, he got accused of plenty of things so many times. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve shared some of his legal situations on here, Metal Shout. One of those accusations was about him spitting on the camera lens and for that reason, he was wanted by the U.S. Police. It’s not a surprise seeing Manson doing “extreme behavior”. But some of those legal accusations against him are not just “extreme behavior”. He often got some accusations of sexual assault. We’ve also seen some of these types of accusations in the last couple of months.

And today, he got sued for some of those accusations. Suer is one of the five original women who accused Marily Manson of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Ashley Morgan Smithline sued the controversial rockstar for these reasons and more: sexual assault, sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, human trafficking, and unlawful imprisonment. She is not the first person to sue Marilyn Manson. With her suing Manson, she becomes the 4th person filing a lawsuit against the rockstar.

The legal complaint against Manson took its place on the internet earlier today. In the lawsuit, suer Ashley Morgan Smithline described how Manson contacted her in 2010 while she was working as a model in Bangkok. After that Manson recruited Smithline by saying that is for a “film project” and that the two started their sexual relationship.

Ashley Morgan Smithline’s Lawsuit

After that point in our article, we will share some information about that lawsuit that may not be suitable for everyone. Please read with caution. 

Smithline’s accusations on Manson include non-consensual sexual intercourse by tying her and doing it when she was asleep. She states that during those acts she said “no” a couple of times but Manson -or with his real name Brian Warner- told her to “shut the fuck up” and “be quiet.” She accuses Manson of bruises on her ribs and injuries to the vagina in the lawsuit. These are not the only descriptions of sexual assault done by Brian Warner. There are other descriptions of sexual assault and force, such as Manson cutting Smithline’s body with a knife, breaking her nose with his elbow, and imprisoning her inside a soundproof glass box.

We will leave the actual lawsuit filed by Ashley Morgan Smithline. You can see all her accusations and claims on Marilyn Manson. Against those accusations, Manson’s representative said these words:

“We strongly deny Ms. Smithline’s claims. There are so many falsehoods within her claims that we wouldn’t know where to begin to answer them. This relationship, to the limited extent it was a relationship, lasted less than a week in 2010. Manson hasn’t seen Ms. Smithline since then.”



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