1. I’m surprised he didn’t mention Tricky…I know he’s a huge fan of his. He’s also quite fond of Milla Jovovich. It’s hard making a “favorites” list, especially when it covers different genres that they’re in. A “top 10” list of actors would be so much harder than a list of musicians..for me at least. This was a good read. Thanks.

  2. Also..I believe Maynard does indeed possess the testicular fortitude to be able to “just go for it”..he does that every single time he writes a song (his poetry) and performs on stage. He is quite vulnerable with A Perfect Circle and Puscifer, and perhaps even more so with Tool. It takes a lot of courage to perform dressed up like a geisha girl, tits and a wig and makeup..not many men have that much confidence and security with their “manhood” to play with gender roles, asking his audience to be open – minded.

  3. I’ve been a big fan of Joni Mitchell ever since I was a teen in the 80s. A lot of my “rock & roll” friends didn’t understand why, but I am always thrilled by her sense of timing in the way she mingles her singing with her music, creating counterpoint and polyrhytems. She much more complex than any of her peers. When Tool hit the scene, I was taken by them for the very same reasons. I can clearly hear Mitchell’s influence on Maynard’s vocal arrangements and even though their musical styles are very different, they both massage the same parts of my brain.

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