Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Joins Cameo

Dave Mustaine

If you haven’t heard Cameo before, it’s a video-sharing website. Users pay a fee to get their desired celebrities to create special videos for them. This “Cameo” website is usually for creating birthday, anniversary, holiday messages. There are already a lot of celebrities from different professions and now, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine joined them.

Mustaine didn’t just join. Before his arrival, he shared a video with the caption “If you wanna MEET THE REAL ME, find me on Cameo” as a reference to Megadeth’s 1993 song Countdown to Extinction. And in the video he shared, he briefly explained what he is going to do in Cameo. If you want to hire Dave Mustaine for a specialized video, you can use that link to visit his Cameo profile. Here is Mustaine’s message:

“Hey, I’m Dave Mustaine and I’d like to invite you to have me send a personalized greeting from Cameo for you to your friends. I can say ‘Happy birthday,’ ‘Happy anniversary,’ ‘Merry Christmas,’ ‘Happy Hanukkah’ — whatever. Or my personal favorite is, like, ‘F—.’ No, we won’t get into that here. But I will tell you that if you do have me do a Cameo for you, a portion of the proceeds will go to charities that I support.”

Megadeth Concerts

Even if he is in Cameo right now, if you want to get a special video from Dave Mustaine you might want to be fast. That’s because Megadeth is going to be on tour very soon with Lamb of God, Trivium, and In Flames. Their summer tour is going to start on August 20 in Austin, Texas. An for their summer tour, Megadeth is going to be on-road until the last event on October 2.

For that tour, they are going to have a different bass player since they’ve parted ways with their former bassist David Ellefson after a video scandal between David Ellefson and a fan. There were lots of critics from both outside the band and from the band which led to Megadeth firing Ellefson. Some even accused Ellefson of having a relationship with a minor, that later denied by the woman in the video saying that she was of age.

After Megadeth and Ellefson parting ways, there were lots of ideas and theories about Megadeth’s new bass player since their tour dates were approaching very fast. In the end, they’ve decided to sign Michael Anthony, former Van Halen bassist to play with them. We will see how well their chemistry is during the live events and more.


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