Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich Makes Donations to Charities in His Hometown

Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich Makes Donations To Charities In Denmark
Metallica Drummer – Lars Ulrich

While Metallica has become an investor in one of the leading media brands, Lars Ulrich announced today that he is making donations to three charities in his hometown, after he won an award from a foundation.

As the first Dane member inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the talented drummer Lars Ulrich has recently put another great success to his amazing career journey, winning the HN Award from the Hede Nielsen Family Foundation. And after that, the talented drummer of Metallica has reflected on his followers through his social media account that how thankful he was, along with announcing that he will donate a total of 600,000 Danish kroner to three charities in his hometown, Denmark.

On the other side, The Hede Nielsen Family Foundation is known for being a non-profit foundation that helps primarily for education, research, art, and culture, while it provides support for cultural, scientific, social, and educational purposes as well as other charitable purposes as a goal.

And after getting his award, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich shared his joy and honor with his followers through his Instagram account, also adding his donation plans. He wrote under his post:

“So psyched to announce I’ll be donating 200,000 Danish kroner to three different charities in Denmark, thanks to the good folks at the Hede Nielsen Family Foundation. I’m beyond thankful to Henrik and his team at the Foundation for bestowing me with the honor of being the recipient of this year’s HN-prize award, marking their 50th anniversary.”

Ultimately, here are the charities that Lars Ulrich will be donating 200,000 kroner to:

  • Kofoeds Skole: “An organization carrying out social work for adults according to the “social pedagogical” principle of personal and vocational empowerment.”
  • Dyrenes Beskyttelse/Animal Protection Denmark: “An organization that engages in animal welfare at national, European, and international levels through project collaboration and networking.”
  • Børns Vilkår: “An organization that helps children to get the support and care they need.”

On the other side, one of the “big four” metal bands Metallica has also its own non-profit foundation, All Within My Hands, launched in 2017, to give back to communities that supported them. The regarded band also gives scholars to students to help them with their tuition, learning materials, and more, as well.

And besides all, Metallica has also been continuing to meet its fans on stages. While the regarded band is touring, turns out there will now be an exclusive global live streaming event, as well.

During the celebrations, Metallica got on the stage at Chase Center after their last performance on the September 2019 S&M² concerts. And tons of fans from all around the world flocked to the concerts in San Francisco all weekend. Afterward, the regarded metal band also curated other events all around the city, as the long four-day weekend of celebrations started on Thursday, December 16th, 2021.


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