Metallica Is Going To Be On Stage For 2022 European Festivals


Today, Metallica made an announcement that will make European fans very happy. While every day we see a new announcement about huge bands and their upcoming event, now we have Metallica on this list. They announced their appearances for the 2022 European Festivals. Here are all the details.

For the last couple of weeks, the term “World is re-opening” became a very overused one. We’ve seen countless events rescheduled after more and more people getting the Covid-19 vaccine and the governments decided to ease the restrictions. We’ve even seen some vaccine discussions since some events titled “Vaccinated People Only”. But either way, fans are happy to see their favorite bands are starting to tour again. And Metallica is one of that bands that are starting their live events. It’s also kind of happy for them since they were having problems with canceled events and even went to sue their insurance company for the loss.

They announced their official accounts. That announcement was about European festivals that Metallica is going to be on stage for 2022. Metallica shared their happiness with this statements:

We have waited far too long to say these words – we’re getting back out there and are finally announcing our return to Europe in 2022! Needless to say, we cannot wait to see all of you once again as our European ’Tallica Family will finally have a chance to reunite in June and July of next year.

Their European appearances are going to start on June 15, 2022. Currently, the first event announced is the Copenhell – Copenhagen, Denmark. That European events are going to go until July 8, NOS Alive – Lisbon, Portugal. Here are all the dates from the official Metallica website.

Copenhell // Copenhagen, Denmark // June 15, 2022
Pinkpop // Landgraaf, Netherlands // June 17, 2022
Firenze Rocks // Florence, Italy // June 19, 2022
Prague Rocks // Prague, Czech Republic // June 22, 2022
Rock Werchter // Werchter, Belgium // July 1, 2022
Mad Cool // Madrid, Spain // July 6, 2022
NOS Alive // Lisbon, Portugal // July 8, 2022

And Metallica will probably add more festivals to that 2022 list if we take a look at their statements from the official announcement. They also talked about ticket sales and other event-related content on the announcement.

Dates are listed below, and Fifth Members should be sure to check all the details in the Club News Story to find out when special pre-sales will be held. A few of the festivals are already on sale and we’re happy to join their party… info about when and where you can grab tickets is listed next to each show.

Stay tuned – we’ll be back soon to keep adding to this list. We hope you, your family, and your friends are safe and in good health, and ready to go next level, next summer!


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