Metallica Shared Enter Sandman Demo Record

Enter Sandman Demo

The last couple of weeks are very active for Metallica. This year is the 30th anniversary of Black Album and they are bringing out some special things to celebrate this. We’ve already seen some of those and they keep doing something. Recently they’ve shared an unreleased, demo version of their popular songs Enter Sandman.

The Black Album anniversary celebrations are at their peak right now. First, Metallica released a special edition for their whiskey brand. That special edition included Metallica whiskey (which they made it listen to Black Album) and some special gifts with it. If you want to take a look at it you can check that link.

After the special whiskey, they’ve announced some special music stuff. Musicians from all around the world, from different genres and different cultures, are going to cover some Metallica Black Album songs. One of those special covers has already taken its place on YouTube. Miley Cyrus feat. WATT, Elton John, Yo-Yo Ma, Robert Trujillo, Chad Smith – “Nothing Else Matters” can be seen below.

But they are not the end of the Black Album 30th anniversary special releases. Metallica is still releasing something for fans. Yesterday on the 22nd of June, Metallica released a special demo for the very popular Enter Sandman. That demo is from 1990, which is before they’ve released the Black Album. This can be considered as a preview of what fans can expect from the Black Album super deluxe edition. You can check the recording below:

Enter Sandman Demo

The demo version of Enter Sandman is played by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich is recorded in Ulrich’s basement. The record goes all the way to July 1990. Originally that riff for the Enter Sandman is written by guitarist Kirk Hammet. He wrote the riff when he was in a hotel room while Metallica was on tour for the Damaged Justice tour. After writing it he recorded the riff on a cassette. Then the cassette was handed to Lars Ulrich during another tour. A few months after that tour, Hetfield, and Ulrich meet to record that demo above. And we all know the rest of this story.

This demo is a good opportunity for fans to understand what to expect from the Black Album special deluxe edition. It’s not confirmed yet but there will probably be more of those early demo recordings. We will be sharing news from Metallica’s Black Album 30th anniversary celebrations. While waiting, please don’t forget to share your comments on this demo version of Enter Sandman.


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