Metallica Shares “Sad But True” Alternate Version

Sad But True

Metallica fans are having a really good time recently. For the Black Album 30th year celebrations, Metallica is releasing a ton of cool and special stuff. That stuff includes special releases, special covers, special edition whiskey, and more “special” stuff. Until this day, they’ve released some of those special covers -made by various artists from different genres-, they’ve shared an unreleased, work-on-progress version of their popular song Enter Sandman and even more.

And now, Metallica fans are getting more special releases. This day, it is about another popular Black Album song, Sad But True. But it’s a bit different. First off, this alternate version of Sad But True is going to be in the special edition of Black Album. There’s going to be a disc full of alternate and unreleased versions of Black Album songs. The early version of Enter Sandman is also going to be on this disk with the alternate version of Sad But True.

Sad But True Take 36

Before going any further, here is the Alternate Sad But True:

As the title says, this is a version recorded on February 5th, 1991. This means that Metallica members recorded that alternate version almost 4 months before the album’s actual release date. They’ve recorded but for some reason, it didn’t make its way into the actual album. Because that is not an actual album version and it’s like a test version, it sounds a bit different from the actual one that fans are used to hear. This can be heard from James Hetfield’s voice level and tone. It’s not completely different but still noticeable. This alternate version is a bit more playful and active while the actual one is more melancholic and dramatic. Also, the name Take:36 probably means they’ve recorded more versions but they weren’t good enough to release or take place in the album or something similar to that.

As we’ve said in the beginning this alternate version of Sad But True and more special Metallica releases are going to be in the Black Album Special Edition under the name of “Rough & Alternative Mixes”. And this is not the only Sad But True version in the special edition. Some other musicians such as Jason Isbell, White Reaper, and a couple more names. If you want to take a look at all the Black Album Anniversary specials, you can visit that link to check our article. This Sad But True version is probably not going to be the last thing we are going to see about those celebrations.


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