Nirvana manager talks about the last time he spoke to Kurt Cobain

Nirvana manager talks about the last time he spoke to Kurt Cobain

Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg spoke on Kurt Cobain’s last days and how the band was close to breaking up those days.

Nirvana is a band among the legends out there, however, things did not sail smoothly for them. Many fans were devastated to see the departure of Kurt Cobain. However, it seems the band was pretty close to breaking up. Even though there was some tension between the members, the manager thinks they could overcome it while playing together. Anyways, here’s what Danny Goldberg had to say during his interview with Cobras & Fire, via Ultimate-Guitar.

Nirvana manager on Kurt’s overdose

When the interviewer asked about Kurt’s OD somewhere in Europe, Goldberg explained:

“Yeah, he OD’d in Italy. Again, the exact dates are all in the book, but it was only about six weeks before he died, I think, he took an overdose of something called Rohypnol, which is, I don’t know what it is, some kind of sedative, sleeping pill or whatever it was.”

“And he had to have his stomach pumped, and that was scary several hours. I was in New York, I was on the phone with Courtney a couple of times that day, but I wasn’t in Italy, and then about six weeks later is when he killed himself, I think.”

Danny Goldberg explains whether Nirvana was close to breaking up before Kurt’s death

After that, the interviewer asked him about the rumors of breaking up. Danny Goldberg neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, but it seems things were not very good at Nirvana then.

“Well, I think there was were in the band. Look, drug addiction is a horrible scourge that’s bad for every relationship, including the relationship of the members of the band. And he was a drug addict, there’s no question about it.”

“He fought it, but he often fought a losing battle with it, so you know, a lot of bands go through those things. It was one of those situations where I’m sure every time, ‘This is going to be the last time…'”

“I mean, no one knows what would happen if he’d live, I’m sure there would’ve been reunions at a minimum, I’m sure David Grohl would’ve found his voice for sure.”

“I may not have known he could be a frontman and a lead singer at that time, but he sure must’ve known it, so I’m sure things would’ve changed. There were tensions, but there was also an enormous bond when they played together that often overcame the tensions,” he said. It’d be lovely if we could actually see one more reunion.

Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg’s last moments with Kurt Cobain

Then, Danny Goldberg went on to talk about his last interactions with Kurt Cobain.

“The last time I saw him, I called him, I flew down to Los Angeles, I went to Seattle. I was working in New York, but my family was still in L.A., so I flew from New York to Seattle and from Seattle down to L.A.

“So I called him when I got to L.A., that afternoon or early evening, so I did speak to him one time after that intervention on the phone, the same day basically of the intervention.

“Intervention was in the morning, I spoke to him that night on the phone. That’s the last time I saw him, and subsequently last time I spoke to him.”

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