Original Black Sabbath Drummer Bill Ward Posted His Poem

bill ward

Poetry and music have very similar points. We can’t almost think of one without the other. And that’s why it’s not very surprising to see musicians getting into poetry, writing poems. Today, a very famous musician, an original drummer shared his poem. And that famous musician is no one else but the original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward.

Covid-19 period crated some hobbies for almost every one of us. Some started music, some started drawing, some started poetry. That period also affected the original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward. Ward shared plenty of poems. Some of them were about Covid-19. The others were about season change, holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. His recent poem is named “Don’t Leave Us”. You can check the poem below.

Bill Ward is not only writing poems right now. Original Black Sabbath drummer also said that he was working on an autobiography a few months ago. Covid-19 times gave us plenty of biography/autobiography books from huge names in the industry. Ward didn’t give any date for his upcoming autobiography but we might get it soon if he keeps doing the writing stuff (which he looks enjoying a lot)

He was also expected to be in the original Black Sabbath reunion -which is almost 9 years ago- but then decided not to. He later shared that he decided to stay out because he didn’t like the contractual terms in the recording and touring processes. Other members later hinted in some of their interviews that Bill Ward wasn’t physically able to perform.

All other original members of the Black Sabbath were at the reunion but Ward didn’t attend. He split from the band in 2012, saying that he had an unsignable contract, which led to other members producing their “13” LP and touring right after.

In an interview, Ozzy Osbourne shared that Ward wasn’t in shape to attend that reunion.

“I don’t think personally he had the chops to pull it off, you know. The saddest thing is that he needed to own up to that, and we could have worked around it, whether we had a drummer on the side with him or something.”

There were rumors about Black Sabbath wanting to bring another drummer with Ward to their tours, which was confirmed by Tony Iommi in 2017.

If you are interested in Bill Ward’s poems and want to check more, you can check his social media accounts for previous and potential future poems.

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