Post Malone Is Working On A Motley Crew Song

Post Malone is one of the most popular musical artists for the last couple of years. He has plenty of songs with hundreds of millions of views. Even though his main style is rap, he is not that far from the rock world. In fact, he has musical works with Ozzy Osbourne, Robert Trujillo, and more famous rock music stars. But he is about to increase his “Rock-related” content in a very short time.

The information is coming from Dre London’s Instagram page. For those who don’t know who Dre London is, he is the manager of Post Malone and a couple of more famous rappers. Dre London posted from his Instagram account. That post was actually a birthday message for Post Malone but it was involving more in the caption and the video. In the caption -after the birthday wishes- Dre London talked about an upcoming project. Here’s that message:

Happy Birthday my brother @postmalone I tell u all the time you are 1 of the realest Americans I ever met!! So of course your day is today! This week we celebrated by shooting a MOVIE!! 🎥🍿I’m excited to finally announce new single ‘Motley Crew’ dropping Friday! Full project with Concert Doc coming real soon! #DreVision 👁 #2021

But it wasn’t just the caption. Because the video that Dre London shared was also involving a little snippet from that upcoming video and was also involving the date for the Post Malone Motley Crew song. According to the caption and the video, we are getting that new Post Malone Motley Crew song this Friday, on 09/07. Here’s that video with the little snippet from that upcoming song.

We don’t know many details about this upcoming Post Malone song yet but there are some things that we can share. First off, as mentioned in the caption, this Motley Crew song is going to have a music video. And that music video is probably going to involve Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. We don’t know the details about his appearance either. And for the song, it doesn’t sound like anything from Motley Crue, it actually sounds like a classic Post Malone song but we can expect something interesting -something more Motley Crue-ish- when the song came out.

Don’t forget to share your opinions in the comment section. What are your expectations about this upcoming song and who do you think will Post Malone will collaborate with for his next song.


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