Rock and Metal musicians you can not find them on Spotify

Rock and Metal musicians you can not find them on Spotify

Have you ever wondered why you cannot find your favorite rock and metal bands on Spotify? Were they banned? Did they not want to start it? Despite popular belief, Spotify does not include all songs from all artists.

Due to circumstances beyond Spotify’s control, Spotify does not catalog all music bands in the world. This problem emerges from different factors. However most important one is: “Spotify has come under scrutiny for how it pays recording artists.” This may be the main reason for bands which not want to join Spotify. Maybe there are other problems.

We assume that Spotify put too much effort into solving this problem. Led Zeppelin and Tool were finally allowed to add their music on Spotify. There are a lot of bands whose albums do not list on Spotify.


Dismember Swedish metal band considered among the most popular 4 Swedish metal bands. Despite their popularity, none of their albums are available on Spotify. Luckily, users can listen to Dismember some of the songs cuts on Spotify. Those songs are:

  • Dismembered
  • Override of the Overture
  • Like an Ever Flowing Stream

Those songs are a small portion of the Dismember songs. That’s why Spotify users who are Dismamber fans cannot reach Dismember all songs. You can listen to their best songs with this link.


Lovelight Shine

Lovelight Shine appeared among a glammy rock ‘n’ roll band featuring members. They wanted the release their first and favorite song and Spotify. However, they cannot reach anybody. When we search Makes Out on Spotify, we cannot find anything. Do not worry, this song is still on youtube.


Because of the copyright issues, sometimes Spotify removes some music from the system. This can be the case for the Atheist band. The Atheist band is one of the latest death bands to suffer a catalog casualty on Spotify. Atheist info was disappeared from the platform in 2021. However, we assume that it is a temporary situation. Spotify will solve it as quickly as possible.

Coma Prevail

Coma Prevail was a project aimed t0 people who like melodic hardcore. The project is featured by the late vocalist Tyson Stevens of Scary Kids Scaring Kids. He partnered with The Bled guitarist Jeremy Ray Talley. They made three-song for their EP in 2013. Their songs accomplished creating wawes in the underground scene. However, to listen to it Spotify users need to open a Soundcloud account to listen to it.

Legends of Rodeo

As you can assume, Legends of the Rodeo was an American-influenced rock band from Florida. You can distinguish them with unique clothes that reflect American style. They released tons of split singles, EPs, and an album. However, Legends of Rodeo fans cannot reach their favorite songs on Spotify except “The Flags.”

To listen to other songs, you can listen to them here.

The Becoming ( We Are the Becoming)

After The Becoming released their first albums, they decided to change their name to “We Are the Becoming.” Because of this name difference, the Spotify algorithm thinks that they do not release their first album. Because there were no records indicating We are the Becoming released an album. That’s why Spotify did not list anything. We hope that Spotify can solve this problem. Until they solve the problem, you can listen to We are the Becoming songs below!


Between the Misfits and Danzing, rocker Glenn Danzig led the deathrock band Samhain. Unfortunately, Samhain fans cannot find Samhain Albums on the platform.


Funebrarum fans who use Spotify cannot find their favorite band on Spotify. However, some people say that the New Hersey death metal band has a verified Spotify webpage. Until the problem will solve, fans can listen to songs on Bandcamp with this link.


The Blameshares

The Blameshares are an acoustic rock band that was popular in the ’90s. They have one album not listed on Spotify. Their album must be somewhere in the Spotify code.

Torque PHX

While Spotify gaining popularity, some obscure metal albums which are made before age of streaming handle to find their way on Spotify. However, some of them still waiting like Torque PHX. Torque PHX is a disbanded nu-metal combo from Arizona. Because of the Spotify fault, the Torque PHX album is nowhere. They listed it with an unrelated artist named Torque.

Neil Young


Sometimes artists wanted to remove their songs on Spotify. Singers want to remove their songs when they do not like the Spotify policy.  Because of the Joe Rogan Experience, Neil Young start a war against Spotify for what he said was about vaccine disinformation. Neil Young found some support for his protest from Joni Mitchell and Nils Lofgren. They partnered with Amazon Music to stream their most popular songs. You can listen to it with this link. Amazon Music also offers a free trial for Neil Young subscribers.


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