Skillet Frontman Talks About Quiting His Religious Speeches


Almost everyone who’s into the rock music industry knows the religious side of Skillet. Even their band definition is “Christian Rock Band”. And when it comes to on-stage performances, speeches, and interviews, frontman John Cooper shows that religious side very often. But in one of his recent interviews, he talked about his religious speeches and he shared that one time when someone almost convinced him to quit it/tone it down.

Skillet frontman John Cooper was a guest at Trevor Talks podcast on Monday, July 28th. During the podcast conversations, John Cooper shared a moment when someone told him to quit it. That person was from the music industry and directly told Cooper to “stop talking about Jesus”.  That’s not the first time Skillet frontman John Cooper is talking about it. He previously talked about that situation in his book that came out in 2020, Awake And Alive To Truth.

“He did say like, ‘Look, this is what I believe. This is what a lot of people are saying. We think you could be the next biggest band in the world. Now, I don’t believe that I could have been the biggest band in the world, but that’s what he was saying — ‘Yeah, you need to stop talking about Jesus so much.'”

“What was really confusing about the conversation … is that he wasn’t saying, ‘Hey, John, deny Christ.’ He wasn’t saying, ‘Deny your faith. Don’t ever talk about Jesus.’ He was just saying, ‘Stop talking about it so much. Don’t do Christian shows; don’t do Christian interviews. When someone asks you what a song is about, don’t start saying, ‘It’s about my faith in Jesus.'”

Skillet- Hero

And that conversation led to one of the most popular songs from Skillet, Hero. Because of that song, Cooper got plenty of questions asking about his hero during the interviews, and his answer to that sort of question was always “Jesus Christ”. And he got told not to say give that answer because according to people around him, that was hurting the fan base. That person giving him advice about “stop talking about Jesus” even tried to use a twist to convince him. Here is that:

“He said, ‘If you think about it, John, you can do more for your faith by listening to my advice because as you stop talking about Jesus and as your audience grows, imagine what you can do for the poor if you become rich and famous. Imagine the influence you could have if you become rich and famous.’ … So that was the only aspect of what he said that there is some truth to that; there is an element of truth to what he’s saying.”

But as we can say right now, he didn’t follow that advice and kept talking about Jesus Christ in his interviews, on stage speeches. He kept following what he believes.


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