Smells Like Teen Spirit Passes 1 Billion Listens On Spotify

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Smells Like Teen Spirit is one of the most remarkable songs in the ’90s and among all Nirvana songs. There are lots of memes about this song is being overplayed, Guitar Store employees complain about people playing the riff in the store. Almost every guitar player knows how to play this and even people who are not interested in rock music know the famous song from Nirvana. We think these are enough to describe how popular this song is. Today, Smells Like Teen Spirit passed an important milestone to prove its popularity. It has reached 1 billion listens on Spotify.

Originally released in 1991, Smells Like Teen Spirit reached huge popularity right away. Smells Like Teen Spirit is the most popular song in the Nevermind album and probably among all other Nirvana songs. The popularity made Kurt Cobain dislike that song because everyone was just wanting to hear that one. The audience even booed the band for not playing the song in concerts. After Kurt Cobain died, and the internet becomes more and more popular, the popularity increased. Newer generations kept listening to it. And that lead it to huge numbers.

Smells Like Teen Spirit reached 1 billion views on YouTube a while ago. Currently has 1.3 billion on YouTube. And today, Spotify joined YouTube on billion views. With 1.001.403.604 views at the moment, this article is written. So 30 years after the release, Smells Like Teen Spirit found itself with billion views for a second time. This will probably be on the Spotify playlist called Billions Club, which has more than 150 songs with a billion and more listens.

As we’ve talked about in beginning, the Nevermind album is a very important piece in Nirvana history. Even though Kurt Cobain came to a point where he hated the most popular song in the album, it still is a very important album for Nirvana. Charles R. Cross, the author of Kurt Cobain’s biography Heavier Than Heaven, talked about that album and explained why it is so important and popular.

It’s an incredible album. It would have been a hit whenever it was released. But at the same time, the timing was right for there to be a superstar act like Nirvana. It came right at the end of the death knell of hair metal and the world was screaming for rock music that would be meaningful again. And the timing for a new generation wanting a voice was also ideal. It just so happened that everything came together at the exact right moment when rock needed a revolution.”


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