1. Seeing PT next week in Boston. He definitely has more talent than many of the artists making it big nowadays. As far as I’m concerned, he’s one of the best songwriters since Roger Waters.

  2. Well isn’t this interesting. Once upon a time Steven Wilson was my musical hero. He didn’t court commercial appeal , though he had a great sense for melody and catchiness. He never liked the “prog” label but that is who his music appeals to. Then he tried to go pop. On the tour for his “pop” album he often would stop the show to browbeat the audience because they were not buying his pop shtick. He even went so far as to say the fanbase he cultivated come on the journey or get lost. And then said prog is dead. So the chickens now have come home to roost a couple pop albums in and the fish are not biting. Lets see for one ,your pop music is horrible, like not just too different from what I know before ,but actually horrible music. Now like the cheating scoundrel he comes back with a nice bouquet of Porcupine Tree to whoo his old fans back. Took a listen to a couple songs , guess what its horrible again. Steven I threw out all your albums and dont listen to you anymore. This looks good on you Stevie. Maybe take an extended break and come back refreshed. I still will no longer be a patron ,but from human to human maybe you are burnt out. Take a break trying to be a pop star at 55 must be exhausting.

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