The Most Common Word In Metallica Lyrics – By A Reddit User

Reddit users are some special species in the world of the internet. They always come with some interesting ideas and facts to surprise everyone who’s not in that part of the internet. And yes, they did it again. This time, Reddit users focused on one of the biggest names in the metal music industry, Metallica. That post was about the most common word in the Metallica lyrics. And the results may be a bit surprising.

When it comes to metal music lyrics and how many times bands have used them in their lyrics, everyone can have a guess. Most of those guesses are probably like “yes, no, yeah, and maybe in some situations, death since death metal is a huge part of this genre”. But no, non of them are the most popular word in all the Metallica lyrics. Even though there are literally completion videos of James Hetfield saying “yeah!”. Yes, the wonders of the internet gave us those videos. Here is one of them, but before sharing that video, we think everyone should know how common is the word “yeah!” in Metallica songs. According to Relic827 from Reddit, that word is the 12th most common word. We said it could be surprising since one of the most popular guesses couldn’t even make it into the Top 10.

It might not be an actual word but another one of that popular guesses is the laughs. Yes, James Hetfield’s laughs in the Metallica songs are pretty common. Unfortunately “laughs” are not on the list. Let’s talk about other popular guesses. While “yeah” is number 12, number 10 is “feel” there’s a huge competition between words but the winner of this close competition is “away” with the count of 95 and having 4th place. And now, we are at the top 3. Number 3 is “see” with 3 less word count to 2nd place. “One” takes the second place and it is understandable since they literally have a song called “One”. And the most common, most used word in the Metallica lyrics is “Never”. Here is the final result for the most common words in the Metallica lyrics.

Editor’s note: Only the song “The Unforgiven” has that word 25 times while “Enter Sandman” having it 13 times. So after thinking again, this is not a very surprising result.

Thanks to Reddit and the user Relic827 for that amazing work. We hope to see more of those and if we see, we will be sharing them with you here.


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