Till Lindemann and his manager reportedly arrested in Russia, here are the photos

Till Lindemann and his manager are arrested in Russia, here are the photos
Till Lindemann

A recent report suggests that Rammstein’s frontman Till Lindemann was questioned and arrested by the Russian police on Friday night.

Legendary German industrial metal band Rammstein’s frontman Till Lindemann is pretty much a badass, at least on stage. And people know Rammstein for their never-ending conflict with the Russian government, even though the band has a huge fan base in Russia. Well, this conflict does not seem like it’s going to end soon as Till Lindemann and his manager were reportedly questioned in their hotel room and then arrested on Friday night, as Summa Inferno reports.

Lindemann and his manager arrested

The frontman was going to perform yesterday, and the belief is that his detention is because of the pandemic restrictions. However, the festival he was going to perform in says that they’re in perfect compliance with the guidelines according to LouderSound. The official website of the festival is not available as we’re writing this article.

On the other hand, the police also arrested Lindemann‘s manager Anar Reiband. It seems he lied about his intention to enter Russia in the first place, claiming that he was there for tourism, while he’s actually organizing concerts. He might face deportation and might not even be able to enter Russia ever again.


Currently, there’s not any official announcement on the topic either by the musician, his band, or the police. We know that the government does not allow huge events in the country right now, and the organizers warned Lindemann beforehand. Still, the situation makes the fans anxious as the festival did actually adhere to the rules.

The Russian entrepreneur Maksim Larin organized the event, The Maclarin Festival, to celebrate his 50th birthday. After the protection agency warned Lindemann against the restrictions, the organizer reportedly allowed him to perform in a closed area that did not have more than 500 people. That is perfectly in line with the guidelines. However, it did not stop the event to be canceled and Lindemann from being arrested, though.

Till Lindemann’s conflict with Hermitage

As we mentioned earlier, that wasn’t the only problem between the Russian government and Rammstein. Quite recently, just two weeks ago, Hermitage criticized Lindemann for an unauthorized photoshoot in the museum. After the photoshoot, he used those photos as NFTs to sell later. He also filmed the music video for Lubimiy Gorod on the same premise, however, the museum management says NFTs were not a part of their agreement.

“Mr. Lindemann is releasing a series of NFTs with digital images shot at the Hermitage during filming. Using images of objects from the collection and interiors of the museum in the token collection – also with the designation ‘Hermitage Edition’ – was not and could not be agreed with the museum.”

To add to the ordeal, Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe, who are the guitarists of the band, previously kissed at a Russian concert to protest the country’s anti-LGBTQ laws.

Earlier in 2021, Russian authorities arrested an anti-Putin activist. That’s because he shared Rammstein’s music video of Pussy on social media. As much as we know how graphic the video is, a sentence of 2.5 years does not seem fair. Rammstein’s Richard Kruspe is of the same opinion, too. Here’s what he said about it.

“I am aware of the Andrey Borovikov case According to media reports, a lawsuit was filed against him for sharing the Rammstein video Pussy on Russian social networks. I very much regret that Andrey Borovikov has been sentenced to imprisonment for this. The harshness of this sentence is shocking. Rammstein have always stood up for the freedom of art as a guaranteed basic right of all people.”


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