Ghost Frontman Tobias Forge Allergic to Metal

Tobias Forge Allergic To Nu Metal
Tobias Forge

As part of being human, people can be allergic to different things. But Ghost band frontman Tobias Forge is allergic to everything. Especially he allergic to the nu-metal genre. If you get closer to Tobias Forge (A.K.A Papa Emeritus IV), you need to make sure not to listen to your favorite nu-metal track on your headphones. He can effect.

Who is the Tobias Forge?

Tobias Forge (A.K.A Papa Emeritus IV) is a singer from Sweeden. He has been the leader and songwriter of the metal band Ghost since 1998. Despite Tobias Forge’s early career, he was popular with the masked heavy metal band Ghost. With their Circle track, they got Grammy Award for best metal performance.

Before Ghost’s Impera album release, Ghost band leads vocalist Tobias Forge gave an interview. During the interview, he talked about metal history. Also, he explained why he does not like nu-metal music.

tobias forge allergic
Tobias Forge

Tobias Forge Allergic to Anything

At the beginning of the interview, Tobias Forge says, “A band that I don’t think gets mentioned a lot that’s definitely up my sleeve in terms of what I like would be Negative Plane. Obviously, an old band that sort of went a little bit through a resurgence a few years ago was Gorguts. Their Colored Sands record was really cool.”

He also continued, “My taste is very old school. Ever since like ’94 when nu-metal started to show its face, I’ve been allergic to anything that suggests nu-metal, and unfortunately, that has been like the everlasting genre from like ’94 to today.” Tobias Forge added, “The bands that I like are usually bands that sound like an ’87 sort of death metal band. Unfortunately. I hate to be negative. But I like a lot of other music. I like a lot of different rocks. I’m more open when it comes to that.”

Last year, he gave an interview on Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. He was said, Metal should be conservative. Also, he added people need to continue old school metal style. Otherwise, they do not do metal. They will make pop.

Tobias Forge explained, “When it comes to metal, I’m quite conservative in my taste. Now I don’t like a lot of new things and the only new death metal bands I ever liked the last 20 years have always been very backward, sort of traditional, but throughout my whole life, I’ve always been very embracive of pop music,” he admitted. “Every Ghost record has always been influenced by a lot of… I’d say almost anything that I listen to.”

Ghost start tour with Volbeat. Their tour starts today night (March 3) in Anaheim, Calif. This tour has been waiting for fans for a long time. When Ghost announced their tour, fans freaked out. Also, the new album will be released on March 11 via Loma Vista/Concord. You can pre-order it with this link. According to the insider, this album will be beyond the expectations of fans.

What do you think about Tobias Forge’s allergy? Do you like nu-metal? You can share your thoughts in the comment section.


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