TOOL fans are not happy to selling vinyl for more than $800

TOOL fans are not happy to selling vinyl for more than $800

TOOL music band’s fans are not happy with their favorite band selling signed vinyl for more than $800. They are just sharing plans to sell an ultra-deluxe vinyl version of their 2019 album ‘Fear Inoculum’ for $810.

This album will be available to those who purchased the Toolarmy VIP tickets for the upcoming dates of their tour. The price is more than $800 and if includes five discs of 180 grams vinyl with songs on the one hand and laser-etched artwork in the back. The set has also been signed by the TOOL band members. They released Fear Inoculum their fifth studio album in August of this year. They announced it on Instagram:

“There’s some late-breaking news from the band. Having just received their personal allotment of the forthcoming (TBA) FEAR INOCULUM ULTRA DELUXE LP, they were inspired to offer for sale this very limited number of advance pressings to TOOLARMY VIP PACKAGE holders (taking advantage of their early merch access) beginning with tonight’s show in Philadelphia and extending to the remaining shows in Elmont, Newark, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and so forth, or until there are no more available (prior to the worldwide release that’s projected for sometime in April). Furthermore, these early vinyl arrivals (only a tour item for the time being) have been AUTOGRAPHED, adding a personal touch to the cover imagery. The package contains 5 discs of industry best 180g vinyl, with audio tracks on one side and etched art on the reverse of each side of the disc. Though the quantities are very limited, should there be any remaining copies, they will be made available to concert goers at the general merch booth.”

The band has recently returned to touring to promote their album Fear Inoculum after their world tour had been stopped in March of 2020. The Tool performer Maynard James Keenan himself contracted the virus twice during 2020 In an interview in February of last year he ended up in the ER for his second time. In January the band performed “Culling Voices” from their album’s first performance. The footage of the show taken by fans includes four musicians from TOOL standing in the center of the stage. Its drummer Danny Carey is seen playing guitar at the beginning of the song. It’s the first time that he’s performed anything other than drums or percussion in a band’s performance.

But, a week ago Spotify has begun to remove the more than 80 seasons from The Joe Rogan Experience last Friday. They have also taken down some shows of the infamous podcast, including the interview with the legendary frontman of Tool Maynard James Keenan after he used racial insults within the show. Spotify just mentioned: “Based on some of the things I’ve kind of seen online and the chit chat and overhearing conversations with people that are part of NASA and that kind of things and they kind of go, ‘We’ve got 400 years and the planet is done. There are natural resources and all those things to start to kind of fall apart then weird diseases start showing up, weird funguses that take you out that didn’t before…”

TOOL band also scheduled to perform shows across the United Kingdom as well as Europe later 2022. They will be starting in Copenhagen on April 23rd then ending in Budapest on the 24th of May. Listen to TOOL‘s “Fear Inoculum” song below!


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