Trivium Vocalist Matt Heafy Talks About Twitch Stream Income

In our current age, it is very common to see various names on some live stream websites. Especially musicians. This musician streams peaked during the Covid-19 period, we’ve seen plenty of musicians doing live streams. Some of those streams were on Twitch, an amazon owned gaming-based streaming platform.

Orlando, Florida-based Trivium’s vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy is one of those names who’s doing Twitch live streams. During his appearance at The NY Times, he explained some stuff about his Twitch channel and streams. He mainly talked about his income.

Matt Heafy is streaming on Twitch for a while now. And while progressing through time, now he has more than 220.000 followers, which can get him a certain amount of money from streams. During the conversation, Matt explained that his channel made approximately 10.000 a month in 2019 and 2020. During all that time he shows some content to his audience. Some of them are obviously making music, playing and practicing instruments, and sometimes playing games.  To compare his earnings from Twitch, it’s almost the same as the amount of Trivium make from Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube as a band. And this band has 3 more members with Matt.

Most Dedicated Musician on Twitch

The article described him as “one of the most dedicated musicians on Twitch“, this is may be caused by him streaming almost every weekday at 9 AM and 3 PM since January 2018. He explained his motivation to stream as below:

“Even if I don’t feel like practicing, I know people are going to be there who want to hear a couple of hours of their favorite Trivium songs. So I make sure I’m there to make their day good. I’m going to keep it to the same exact thing once touring resumes at full speed – 9 AM and 3 PM, Monday through Friday. Every show, every soundcheck, every vocal warm-up… every day off, me playing games in the hotel room. I look at it as part of my life now. And I want to keep doing this for as long as I can.”

It’s so good to see he and his followers have a good relationship and both making their days good. Also, Twitch streams look like a good way to make some compared to bands earnings when it comes to economical way. He hasn’t shared if it’s net income or gross, but it’s not surprising to see musicians doing live streams either way.

Also speaking of Trivium, their last album came in 2020 and now available for purchase.


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