Wolfgang Van Halen Answered Critics About Him

Wolfgang Van Halen is continuing his career by improving every day. Just like his father Eddie Van Halen, he is getting better and bigger in the music industry with every step he takes.  But while he is improving, he also started to get critics just as every big musician.

During his interview with Guitar World, Wolfgang Van Halen answered some quıesions about him and his career. First, Wolfgang answered the interviewer’s question on how does it feel to have Eddie Van Halen as his father. Wolfgang answered:

“Growing up, not at all. Looking back on it now, obviously it is intimidating. People are always going to hold me to something that’s completely out of my control. I see Van Halen fans say, ‘The kid’s 30 now, and at his age, his dad was up to ‘Fair Warning’!’ I think it’s really unfair to hold me at the same level as my dad.”

Then he got the comments on how he is NOT hiding his Van Halen connection. He said that he is “not milking” that legacy. He is and will be on his own way. “If you want Van Halen, come to me!’ If you want Van Halen, go over there.”

After that, he received the question on how he deals with haters. Wolfgang Van Halen gave some pretty solid answers to that critics about haters.

Wolfgang Van Halen

“It’s an up and down thing. Sometimes it’s too much, and sometimes you’re ready to take it on the chin and tell them to fuck off. You kind of go through ups and downs because it’s always a constant thing. Sometimes you just need to take a little break and ignore it for a while, but every now and then and some asshole lobs you a really big softball that you could just fuckin’ knock out of the park, and it’s really fun.”

Wolfgang Van Halen is about to release his debut album Mammoth WVH. This album is coming on June 11, which means it’s only a matter of time until Wolfgang releases his debut album. He is getting too much critics and questions for both his work in the industry and also about his late father, legend Eddie Van Halen. A couple of days ago he shared some information on his upcoming debut album and how Covid-19 ruined a possible Van Halen reunion. Even if he gets bad critics, Wolfgang Van Halen looks very determined and still on his way. We will need to wait to see how he is going to continue his career.


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