Wolfgang Van Halen On Why He’s Not Playing Van Halen Songs

Wolfgang Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen‘s son Wolfgang Van Halen is going full steam ahead in the music industry. He released his debut self-titled album for Mammoth WVH a couple of days ago and preparing to be on stage for this summer and ahead. While focusing on his career after his time with the Van Halen band, he immediately started to get some questions from various interviewers. One of those interviews was with BBC Radio, a couple of days ago. During his appearance at BBC Radio, Wolfgang Van Halen answered some questions about why he’s not performing any of the Van Halen songs and talked about the band Tool.

First off, he started answering the question about whether he is going to play any songs from Van Halen or not. He gave a very clear answer to that.

“No, that’s gonna be all original material. As my dad said when criticized over the number of covers on ‘Diver Down,’ I’d rather bomb with my own material than succeed with someone else’s.”

Then, of course, he got the question about his dad, Eddie Van Halen. The question was about if his father heard everything from the Mammoth WVH before he passed away.

“Oh yeah, he was the only other person than myself to have all the ideas on his phone. He even had the ideas that didn’t make it to the album, he’s heard probably potentially the next album or two.”

The next question was about his time with the Van Halen band. He got asked how was the experience to record the 2012 album “A Different Kind Of Truth”.

“It was great, being able to just go to work with my dad every day was a really fun experience. We’ve been playing for a while at that point, but it was a different space with me involved. And looking back at earlier ideas to kind of recall that energy, it felt like a renewed experience for them, and it was new for me, so it was a really fun time.”

About Tool

While answering the question about his solo career or his time with Van Halen, at some point he talked about the band Tool. Wolfgang Van Halen said that his favorite Tool song is Forty Six & 2.

“Danny Carey is a monster player – really shows on this song too. The ending of this song is one of my key moments of his that I love. I think it’s just an iconic bass riff, iconic vocal – the song is just killer.”

And those were Wolfgang Van Halen’s BBC Radio answeres. As we said in the beginning, he released his debut album and is going to be on stage for a while this summer.


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