Youtuber Davie504 Talks About Iconic Basslines NOT Played On Bass

Iconic Basslines

Youtuber Davie504 is one of the most popular music-related YouTubers. An Italian guy who likes to slap BASS as he is defining himself. Currently, he has approximately 9.5 million subscribers and creating successful content with BASS. One of his last videos is about iconic basslines that we’ve been hearing for all those years. And in that video, Davie504 exposes those basslines. Why? Because they aren’t actually “bass” lines. Yes, some of the popular basslines from popular songs are actually played on digital or played on a guitar as Davie504 explains in the video.

Throughout the video, he explains 6 songs and how they don’t have actual basslines.

We have all been betrayed!

White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

First, Davie504 talks about the very famous 2003 song by the White Stripes. Almost everyone knows the iconic bassline in the Seven Nation Army. He shows on-stage footage for Seven Nation Army to prove that the bassline is fake. And in that video, it can clearly be seen that the bassline is not actual and played on a down-tuned guitar.

Charlie Puth – Attention

In the second step, we have a recent hit. Charlie Puth’s Attention was a huge hit when it was first released in 2018. But “Attention” also has a very iconic bassline that is not played on an actual bass. This is not a secret since Charlie Puth himself shared that on a video. He wrote the bassline on a computer using a keyboard.

Seinfeld Theme

Here we have the popular TV series which was on air during 1989-1998. That 9 seasons length sitcom has a very iconic bassline in the intro. But that bassline is also a fake one. Just as the Charlie Puth song, Seinfeld Theme is also played on a keyboard instead of a real bass.

Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

There is another very popular song. This time from Bruno Mars. 24K Magic bassline is iconic as just as the song itself. But here is the downside. This is not real. Even if they have a bass player at the back for the live vents. But this bassline is a “synth bass” and not a real one.

Michael Jackson – Thriller / Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

And for the last two, we have two very iconic Michael Jackson songs. Despite them being very good and very popular and even having a bass player at the back for the live shows, those basslines are “synth bass” again.

And yes, that was the Davie504 video for the “Fake” basslines. If you know any other iconic basslines just like that, don’t forget to share them with us.


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