Iron Maiden Members Net Worth in 2022

Iron Maiden Members Net Worth in 2022: Guitars, Life and More
Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden might not have been able to manage to have an effect on people like The Beatles or Pink Floyd. But still, it is one of the bands that changed rock and roll music in another way, for sure. As they also still are on stage and making their music, let’s see how much net worth has the members of Iron Maiden since the first day till today 2021.

Formed in 1975 in London by Steve Harris, Iron Maiden started playing live gigs in the mid-1976. The legendary group recorded its first demo in 1978 before it had a recording contract with EMI in 1979. As the group’s initial members consisted of vocalist Paul Di’Anno, drummer Doug Sampson, guitarist Dave Murray and Harris himself. And after some changes during the years, the last situation of the group’s members includes Steve Harris as the bassist, back-vocal and keyboardist, Dave Murray as the lead and rhythm guitarist, Adrian Smith as lead and rhythm guitarist, back-vocal, studio keyboardist, Bruce Dickinson as the lead vocalist and the pianist, Nicko McBrain as the drummer, and Janick Gers as the rhythm guitarist.

As the band is still one of the few 1980s musicians still making music and growing their huge fan base, let’s also find out more about how much they got so far and what are the members of the beloved band’s net worth in 2022.

How Much Iron Maiden Members Net Worth?

With its undeniable success during its still ongoing career, Iron Maiden has received numerous awards such as Grammy Awards,  Argentina Music Industry Awards, Classic Of Rock Awards, ARIA Awards, Burrn! Awards, Echo Awards, BBC Radio Awards, Ampex Golden Reel Awards, Ivor Novello Awards, Bandit Rock Awards, and many more.

On the other side, Iron Maiden is widely regarded as one of the greatest heavy metal bands in the music community. The famous metal band released 17 studio albums, 7 compilation albums, 20 video albums, 4 EPs, 13 live albums, 5 box sets, 46 singles, and many more things so far that have sold more than 200 million copies worldwide. After the band debuted with its self-titled album in 1980, its latest and seventeenth studio work titled Senjutsu was released this year just on September 3, 2021.

So along with its successful journey, the net worth of Iron Maiden seems to be more than $150 million today in 2021, so far. Let’s go deeper and find out about its members’ net worthies as well.

Dave Murray Net Worth: $15 Million

Dave Murray is one of the guitarists of Iron Maiden since 1976. He had a little break for 2 years from the band between 1977 to 1978 until he rejoin them. But still, he also is the second-longest serving member of the band as he performed in and was a part of the entire Maiden albums, as well.

And today in 2021, Iron Maiden member Dave Murray’s net worth seems to be $15 million.

Steve Harris Net Worth: $35 Million

As the founder, bassist, primary songwriter, backing vocalist, and leader of Iron Maiden, Harris has performed on all of the band’s albums. The talented musician also contributed to his band’s numerous songs such as Fear Of The Dark, Weekend Warrior, Judas Be My Guide, Lord of Light, Senjutsu, Days of Future Past, and many more along with their self-titled debut album’s songs such as Running Free and Remember Tomorrow.

Throughout his ongoing career, Harris also released 2 studio albums as a solo musician outside Iron Maiden, as well. Over those years, the net worth of Iron Maiden’s member Harris has become $35 million, which makes him the third-richest member of the band.

Bruce Dickinson Net Worth: $130 Million

Bruce Dickinson first joined Iron Maiden back in 1981 after Paul Di’Anno had left. But he also quit the band in 1993 when some problems grew between the band members. Later in 1999, Dickinson rejoined Iron Maiden and now he is still with them.

Considering his comes and goes, he couldn’t be a part of the band’s first two albums, Iron Maiden and Killers, tenth The X Factor, and eleventh Virtual XI albums despite he performed in the band’s thirteen studio albums, after.

On the other side, Bruce Dickinson has an enormous solo career outside of Iron Maiden, which includes six solo studio albums of his. As he debuted with Tattooed Millionaire back in 1990, Dickinson’s latest and sixth album was released in 2005 named Tyranny Of Souls.

And today in 2021, Iron Maiden’s member Dickinson’s net worth is $130 million. And this makes him the richest Iron Maiden member, so far.

Nicko McBrain Net Worth: $30 Million

As Iron Maiden’s drummer, Nicko McBrain is the band’s member since 1982. McBrain has also performed in every Iron Maiden albums, except for the band’s first three albums like Dickinson, 1980’s self-titled album, 1981’s Killers, and 1982’s The Number Of The Beast.

McBrain’s outside career of Iron Maiden includes contributing to artists such as Smith/Kotzen, WhoCares, Pat Travers, Gordon Giltrap, Cockerel Chorus, Streetwalkers, Jerry Darren, and more.

And today in 2021, Iron Maiden’s third-longest serving member Nicko McBrain’s net worth seems to be $30 Million.

Janick Gers Net Worth: $10 Million

Janick Gers is also one of the guitarists of Iron Maiden, who actually came as a replacement for Adrian Smith. Gers joined the band back in 1990 and he also remained in the band after Smith came back in 1999.

Gers performed in ten albums of Iron Maiden that are No Prayer for the Dying, Fear of the Dark, The X Factor, Virtual XI, Brave New World, Dance of Death, A Matter of Life and Death, The Final Frontier, The Book of Souls, and Senjutsu.

Outside of his Iron Maiden career, Gers released only one self-titled studio album back in 1980 his band White Spirit. On the other side, he also worked with artists that are Gogmagog, Fish, his bandmate Bruce Dickinson, and Ian Gillan, as well.

Today in 2021, Iron Maiden’s talented guitarist member’s net worth seems to be $10 million.

Adrian Smith Net Worth: $60 Million

Another guitarist of Iron Maiden since 1980, Adrian Smith had also a little break back in 1990 from the heavy metal band until 1999, as well. So, he couldn’t be a part of the admired metal band’s debut album, No Prayer For The Dying, Fear Of The Dark, The X Factor, and Virtual XI. But except those, the talented musician performed in every Maiden albums.

Smith also has been a part of songs such as The Prisoner, Gangland, Wildest Dreams, Dance of Death, New Frontier, Journeyman, Senjutsu, Days of Future Past, Stranger In A Strange Land, as the co-writer, as well.

On the other side, Adrian Smith contributed to Bruce Dickinson on his Accident Of Birth and The Chemical Wedding albums outside of their Iron Maiden career. Smith also worked with other artists such as Celtic Pride, Earthshaker, Dave Colwell, and more in his solo career. He also released “Smith/Kolzen” with Richie Kolzen this year in 2021.

And today in 2021, the net worth of Iron Maiden’s second-richest member Adrian Smith seems to be $60 million.

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