1. This kind of surprised me. I knew mjk was really into film, but his picks were really interesting. It shows a spectrum of different genres which is really cool. I don’t think I could pick just 10 of my favorites but “happiness” is definitely one of mine as well. I’m sure he would pick “the little things”, but the “anything with denzel” covers it.
    Sleeping dogs lie is an interesting film with he and brad wilk and ed asner. I’m not sure it’s still available to buy or not but it’s worth watching. Bikini bandits is another one he’s in. Not sure why they didn’t mention it but it’s pretty out there..he plays satan.
    Gummo is another one worth watching at least once. It’s a harmony korine film.
    Thanks for posting this article.

    1. I also love the audacity of Happiness. I can’t show anyone the film because I know they couldn’t get thru it.

  2. I read MJK’s book a while back, and I thought one of his favorite films was Wings of Desire (not listed). Hmm…

  3. Napoleon dynamite is a must.
    Blue velvet never scene it…
    Riddick was good.
    I’m surprised mjk wasn’t into Prometheus….

  4. I am kind of shocked at his fav movies and surprised that he didn’t mention a Great movie like “a clockwork orange.”

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