Mother From New Zealand Named Her Children Metallica, Slayer and Pantera

The music industry always was a huge inspiration when naming a child. But we most likely to see names either from directly music terms or from musicians. But a mother from New Zealand took it to a whole other level. Because she named her children after bands. Not after the band members, directly after band names. She is a mother of three and all three of her children are named after heavy metal bands. Their names are Pantera, Slayer, and Metallica. If it sounds interesting wait until you hear Metallica’s middle name.

This story becomes popular after David Farrier, journalist and documentary filmmaker from New Zealand, wrote on his personal website. He also interviewed the mother to learn more about that name. Before starting the story, here’s what she said about naming your children after heavy metal bands.

“It’s not easy raising three of the heaviest bands”

A lot of people may think that they are the biggest metal fans. They even name their children after singers, guitarists, druımmerrs. But this mother probably just said, “hold my crossbow” and named her children after the heaviest bands. Reporter David Farrier decided to keep the woman’s name private because as he said, it’s not really vital to that story.

So she first named her kid “Pantera”. But this isn’t that much interesting because the word “Pantera” goes back to its original version “Panthera”, which is the Latin word for big cats, panthers, and descendants of the panther. But when her second kid was born she proved that the name Pantera really stands for the metal band. Because she named her second kid “Metallica”. And not just that. Because “Metallica” has a middle name and it is “Justice For All”. So she didn’t just pick the band name but also used the famous record of them. If that’s not enough to amaze you, she also has one more kid. And what is their name? “Slayer”. So she kind of have one of the sickest lineups of the music history in her household.

Of course, that naming process was not that easy and she needed to do some research. Se went through the legal restrictions to see if there are any restrictions for naming a child. Guess what, there isn’t. David Farrier also reached to Registrar-General to prove that there aren’t any restrictions.

Births, Deaths and Marriages, registrar-general Jeff Montgomery said although there were no banned names in New Zealand, there were boundaries in place to ensure names did not cause offence or resemble a title or rank.

“There are no restrictions on naming babies after bands or albums as long as the word used is not generally considered to be offensive and does not resemble an official rank or title.


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