The Rolling Stones Members Net Worth in 2022: Albums, Life and More

The Rolling Stones Members Net Worth in 2021: Albums, Life and More

As one of the biggest rock bands in history, The Rolling Stones is still rocking with its still growing fan base today. So, how did the band and its members come here? Throughout their glorious and long-lasting career, let’s see where The Rolling Stones members net worth has become so far.

Formed in 1962, The Rolling Stones has become one of the most regarded rock bands in the world as it is still touching its dedicated and passionate fans’ souls with its incredible songs. As the band is still active for almost 6 decades, The Rolling Stones band’s current members are Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood. While Jagger is on lead and backing vocals, harmonica, rhythm guitar, percussion, and keyboards for his role in the band, Keith Richards is on lead and rhythm guitars, bass guitar, backing, and lead vocals. And lastly, Wood is on rhythm and lead guitars, bass guitar, backing vocals, joining the band after Richards and Mick Jagger in 1975.

So, let’s find out more about the regarded band The Rolling Stones band’s journey and how much the members net worth have become in 2021 so far.

How much is “The Rolling Stones” Members Net Worth?

During its ongoing career, The Rolling Stones released 3 EPs, 15 box sets, 20 compilation albums, 48 video albums, 30 studio albums, 77 music videos, 33 live albums, and 121 singles along with many more efforts. Among those efforts, the regarded band released its debut studio album titled as its name back on April 16, 1964, selling more than 200 million albums all around the world.  And the band’s latest studio album titled Blue & Lonesome was released in 2016, which also was released prior to the death of drummer Charlie Watts this year in 2021.

As that album made its place on top lines in too many charts around the world, The Rolling Stones also won the Grammy Award for Best Traditional Blues Album in 2018 after a long break of 23 years. Ultimately, the widely regarded band won 4 Grammy Awards in total which are Best Rock Album, Best Music Video, Short Form, and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

On the other side, The Rolling Stones was also inducted into both the UK Music Hall of Fame, in 2004, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989.

And today in 2021, The Rolling Stones’ net worth seems to be $950 million, which is not a surprise at all, looking at the admired band and its members’ amazing works accomplished that we can’t fit into one article. So, let’s go on and see The Rolling Sones members’ net worth today in 2021, as well.

Charlie Watts Net Worth: $250 Million

As the band’s drummer, Charlie Watts joined The Rolling Stones in 1963 and performed with his bandmates until his devastating death on August 24, 2021. During his career with the regarded band, Watts had been a part of every studio album.

Outside of his amazing career with the band, Charlie Watts had also his own band named Charlie Watts Quintet, with whom he released 4 albums, as well.

And in 2021, The Rolling Stones band’s talented member Charlie Watts’s net worth was $250 million, before he died.

Ronnie Wood Net Worth: $200 Million

After the band had parted way with its former member Mick Taylor, Ronnie Wood joined The Rolling Stones in 1975 as a replacement. And during his ongoing career with the beloved rock band, Wood appeared in eleven studio albums along with the band’s seven live albums as well, first debuting with the album Black And Blue back in 1976.

And today in 2021, The Rolling Stones member Ronnie Wood’s net worth seems to be $200 million.

Mick Jagger Net Worth: $500 Million

As the lead vocalist and co-founding member of the band, Mick Jagger had given up on his university education in past just to join The Rolling Stones, actually. Since the band has become one of the most known rock bands in the world, Jagger has also done too many great works and written lots of songs with his bandmate Keith Richards carrying their band top. He performed in the entire album of The Rolling Stones.

On the other side, Jagger has also had a great solo career outside of the band as he released 4 solo studio albums and debuted in 1985 with She’s The Boss. His latest and fourth solo studio album Goddess In The Doorway was released on November 19, 2001. Jagger also released one compilation album, titled The Very Best Of Jagger.

And today in 2021, The Rolling Stones member Mick Jagger’s net worth seems to be $500 million, which also makes him one of the richest rock stars.

Keith Richards Net Worth:: $500 Million

As the regarded band’s co-founder, secondary vocalist, and guitarist, Richards performed in the entire album of The Rolling Stones.

As he goes on his career on the beloved rock band, Richards also has his own successful solo career as well, which debuted in 1988 with Talk Is Cheap. In total, Keith Richards released three solo albums, releasing his third and latest album titled Crosseyed Heart in 2015. And today in 2021, The Rolling Stones member Keith Richard’s net worth seems to be $500 million, as he is also one of the richest rock stars along with his bandmate Mick Jagger.

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