1. Personally, i think AC/DC are overated, and so is their stage persona. Maybe its finally time for Angus to throw on his Big Boy Pants, and stop makin like a freak show from petofilia. I can think of 25 bands I’d rather see and listen to, before AC/DC. Sorry All, just a personal opinion i needed to share with nobody in particular. Done.

  1. I would love to do an album of all heavy metal, because I love this article.
    So there. There’s that.

  2. Great Article! My only question is what is with Carlo’s quote?…

    “I would love to do an album that’s just heavy metal. Because I love (insert 5 different Artists or Bands name here).”

    1. Carlos has been my favorite guitarist and his band since 1968 I have nett we n listening and traveling thru time with his music and band changes but lately the his music has not so many Latin sounds and the group he has are talented but nothing like his bigger band in the 80’-90’s where his percussion group was always on fire. Now you go to his concert and he preaches that we should all be happy love each other yeah where not in this world.

  3. I was raised in bay area it was great to be able to stand in line at the Carousel ball room the WHO was my first concert and I still go back to those. Days when I hear magic bus . Boris the spider and so many more.

  4. I love to fart but at this moment, I am gasless.
    I grew up with Santana in our home. I have most of his vinyls.
    Lately I don’t listen to him. I agree with my now deceased brother, Santana should go back to rock and roll.
    Maybe hang with John Mclaughlin for a season or two perhaps three. Sorry Carlitoes.
    Carlos line up on heavy metal doesn’t rock this metroplex.

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