1. Agreed! Also, altho not HEAVY metal, Amy Lee of Evanescence I extremely talented, singer/songwriter and pianist

      2. That was exactly what I was thinking. After seeing her again last weekend. Nobody, I mean, absolutely nobody can put on a show like Lzzi Hale #halestorm

  1. You forgot Lzzy Hale from Halestorm, Amy Lee from Evanescence and Maria Brink from In This Moment. And an up and comer that I have been a fan of since 2011, Mixi from Stitched up Heart.

  2. Dude not a single female JMetal, JRock, or Alt Idol group on this list?!?!! Man you have got to check some out! You will truly be floored at the incredible talent these all female groups truly have!! I hope you do take a look and if anyone does…have a blast getting into the genre. It is freaking deeeeeeep!

    1. Jinjer must be in that list. Tatiana is the best female lead singer of all time. She can go from the sweetest to the most brutal in no time, without any effort. In terms of female metal singers, she is the GOAT.

  3. Did someone forget about Jinjer? I feel like they achieved a lot and they put out some impressive albums and, also, Tatiana Shmayluk did make that one video of Judgement and Punishment in one take…very impressive…then again, I feel like some of these bands are a different style of metal genre than what I normally listen to…

    1. we are trying to add some of the best female fronted metal bands. This is not an article for stand out for everything. We are doing more articles just follow us!

  4. Sorely disappointed not to see Ann Boleyn from Hellion on list. At least as one of female fronted 80s metal bands.

  5. Not a bad list. A few bands are “meh” for me but that’s just personal preference, OTEP is the one glaring omission. Might have added Babymetal just for being a epic pop/metal juggernaut. Love them or hate them, those girls are crushing.

  6. Thank you all! I learned a lot from this article. Lol, I too was like Otep and In This Moment. BUT! I learned of new albums to listen to. I tend to stick to Type O Negative and HIM or VV, with a bit of Manson. I can’t wait to listen to some of these bands! Peace out ‘n Rock on!

  7. Do not agree with this order in any way. I agree with the list about 70%. I like some that I would kick off the list, but there are too many female vocalists that are far better than some of these. Case in point, Sharon den Adel, and point 2, Delain.

  8. No Imperial Age? Ya they have a male lead too, but 2 female leads as well. Great symphonic metal, if you love Nightwish give them a try.

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