1. Jessica Williams from Spain’s Ankor should have a mention here. Especially after their latest release

    2. Where is tatiana shmayluk from Jinjer?! She has amazing range with beautiful clean vocals and her scream rivals most men’s… she is a goddess on stage too

  1. Hi there! Is Tatiana Shmailyuk (Jinjer) a male?! so bad that you have forgotten to mention her. She is easily one of the most brilliant and talented female metal singer from our generation.

  2. Daria Stavorivich, also known as Nuki. The band is “Slot”from Russia, she also has her side project “Nuki”. She is possibly the best singer that I have ever heard. Range is incredible, sings clean and does the screams. Don’t sleep on her!

  3. Apparently Floor Jansen is so incredibly talented and one of the best female singers in metal that she deserves to be at the BOTTOM of this list?!?! Even over other singers that are virtually unknown….right.

  4. Floor Jansen should be near the top, if not the top.

    Where is Noora Louhimo? She should definitely be on this list. Not only that, but also near the top.

  5. And where is Sandra Nasić, Guano Apes.
    Proud Like A God contains several great songs, Open Your Eyes, Lord Of The Bord,
    You should definitely check them out if you don’t know them.

  6. Amongst the names already mention elsewhere in the comments: No Courtney LaPlante? Really?
    In general, this list is lacking, or just mistitled. 22 most influential would be more fitting.
    And still, no Courtney LaPlante?

  7. Great Leather Leone was mentioned there. Not many ever even heard of Chastain. I think the album “7th of Never” shines more so. A raspy voice, but much appreciated.

  8. Jill Janus, Huntress. Power, range, feel. And drop dead gorgeous as well. Gone, but I’ll never forget.

  9. What is the “perception” alluded to in the statement “Lzzy Hale is a bit of a divisive figure among heavy metal fans because of the perception her band, Halestorm, has in the market”?

  10. Where is Brittney Slayes from Unleash the Archers….
    She should absolutely been in the top 10 in this list… !

    1. My thoughts exactly. Brittany (so?) Slayes is incredible, as is the rest of the group. Also, nothing against Lita Ford, but that’s way too predictable. I love her, but there are quite a few better than she. Giving props is fine, but the best is the best.

  11. Leather Leone. No contest. Her voice is still awesome despite being in her 60s. She is the female equivalent of her idol, the late, Great, Ronnie James Dio. All of the singers on this list are great, but there is only one Leather. Check out her latest album, “We are the Chosen”. Pure metal.

  12. Hi,

    I Love my Metal, so here we go my 3 Fave Female Singers are:
    Well it is a tie for me.
    Angela Gossow
    Allissa White Gluz
    Doro Pesch
    They reign in Metal for me.
    Arch Enemy is one of my faves with Black Sabbath (Ozzy), Judas Priest, Metallica, Venom, Possessed, W.A.S.P., Sodom, Slayer just to name a few.

  13. Any list without Floor Jansen on top is a complete joke. She is so far and beyond all other in any aspect is is ridiculous.
    Vocal range, operatics, growls, stage presence, charisma….There is nothing she can’t sing.

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