Iron Maiden Video Game Will Contain Lacuna Coil

Iron Maiden Video Game

Mobile Video Game of Iron Maiden, “Legacy Of The Beast” is going to do a collaboration with another metal band. This time their guest is from Italy. Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil will be in Legacy Of The Beast.

Iron Maiden released their game in 2016. Legacy Of The Beast is a turn-based RPG game. Last March, we’ve seen collaboration in this game. Iron Maiden collaborated with Amon Amarth for Legacy Of The Beast. Now we are about to see another band in this game. And this collaboration will take us from Sweden and bring us to Italy. Because the next collaboration band for Legacy Of The Beast is the Italian gothic metal band, Lacuna Coil.

They were looking for a character that will fit into the story with Mystic Eddie, a game character that can control his visions. Actually, this character is based on Iron Maiden’s The Clairvoyant track. Now with the Lacuna Coil collaboration, the game is getting a new dungeon called The Search For The Black Anima and a new character that they were looking for, Shadow Sorceress. “Black Anima” term is a reference to Lacuna Coil’s album in 2019.

Horns Up

This upcoming Lacuna Coil event will be a week-long one and it is going to take players on a journey to find a new entity amongst the evil creatures. Players will fight with evil creatures and monsters using help from Maiden mascot Eddie and the Alchemist. Players will be able to get Shadow Sorceress characters from June 7 to July 5 for free. If you want to take a look at the official stream for that event here it is:

Lacuna Coil members shared their thought on this collaboration. Vocalist Andrea Ferro said, “Horns Up!”

“A Lacuna Coil-inspired character will be featured in the Iron Maiden video game ‘Legacy Of The Beast’… Whaaat? Yeah, I’m that excited about this collaboration! Come on, Maiden man! I remember me and Maki blasting ‘Powerslave’‘Seventh Son’ and all the other classics as young skateboarding kids getting into playing music. Heavy metal, monsters and video games, that’s half my lifestyle right there. Horns up!”

Singer Cristina Scabbia also shared opinions and also told how she first met with Iron Maiden.

“My first experience with Iron Maiden was about 30 years ago, I picked up ‘Piece Of Mind’ because I was really impressed by the cover. They sounded like nothing I had heard before then and it was instant love. I’ve always been attracted to video games; they’re awesome as they project you into a different dimension and allow you to live a different life, even if for a short moment. I prefer games with a storyline because I like to be embraced by it, get familiar with the characters I am playing with and get involved at the maximum level.”

Lacuna Coil members look very hyped for that Iron Maiden video game collaboration. Please also share your opinions on this event.

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