1. I dig all of these bands, but Sex Machineguns played freakin’ Budokan.
    They have more great songs than all these bands combined.

  2. Like every list (everyone has one), mine would be a little different. But for me, Loudness, Show-ya and Seikima II were never metal bands, they were always hard rock bands. If the definition of “best” is longevity or popularity, I agree with most of this list, referring to the bands left on the list without the bands I mentioned earlier. Currently there are new bands that bring many more fans to shows than many of the bands mentioned above. I would like to take this opportunity to suggest an agenda for a report, talking about the current state of Japanese rock and how the pandemic caused many rockers around the world, stuck at home due to quarantine, to discover Japanese rock (and from other countries that don’t speak English) to the point where bands like Band-Maid toured the USA, playing to thousands of rock fans, not otakus, with many sold-out shows. Singing in Japanese.

  3. Nice to see Church of Misery and Mari Hamada on a list, but Bridear, Sigh, and Mary’s Blood are missing. And no Destrose? IBUKI? Takayoshi Ohmura?

  4. I (Extremely) really like Japan or Anime for a long time, and all their music genre including the Japanese metal style is all Number one! So proud of their music style!

  5. As a long time fan of Japanese metal bands my favorites also include show-ya, seikima II(most definitely metal even if they had some hard rock songs in their catalog) sex machine guns, onmyo-za, x-Japan, bridear, galmet and fairy kingdom (yousei teikoku) with honorable mentions for anthem/animetal, baby metal, metal Lucifer, DMC, Fatima hill, hard gear and manipulated slaves.

  6. I used to listen to Earthshaker.Loudness and Bow wow, but now i listen only Babymetal, shame they are not in the list, BM right now is the no 1 , most popular Japanese band in the world!

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