Motorhead Members Net Worth in 2022

Motorhead is a well-known British rock band. The band was created in 1975 by Lemmy Kilmister, Leary Wallis, and Lucas Fox. They started a new era in Brith heavy metal industry. They have fans all around the world. Are their efforts worth it? In this net worth article, we will give information to you about Motorhead members net worth. To decide whether it’s worth it or not.

English metal band, Motorhead was founded with Ian Fraser Lemmy Kilmister in 1975. The band dissolved in 2015 after Lemmy Kilmister’s death. In 2022, the Motorhead members Motorhead group had a total net worth of around 65 million dollars. A variety of sources put the dead Lemmy at around 10 million dollars.

Motorhead lead member: Lemmy Kilmister Net Worth

Lemmy Kilmister is the lead singer of Motorhead. He spent more than fifty years in the music industry. Besides Mötor Head, He was a member of music bands like Hawkwind. He was recognized for his innovative musical style helps to start a new era in the British heavy metal industry. His music style influenced countless musicians’ careers. His most inspirational songs are:

  • Ace of Spades
  • Overkill
  • Orgasmatron

Limmy Kilmister has a lot of health issues: prostate cancer, cardiac arrhythmia, and congestive heart failure. Because of those fatal illnesses, he is passed away four days after his 70th birthday on December 28, 2015.

Despite his career, Lemmy Kilmister’s net worth is one million dollars. Nobody expects such a low amount of money. However, Lemmy always says that “Motörhead didn’t sell as many albums as others may think.” Despite his efforts, his net worth equals other MotörHead Members Net Worth.

Mikkey Dee net worth

Mikkey Dee is a Swedish rock drummer. He started his career on King Diamonds bands in 1985. He replaced Phill Taylor is former drummer motörHead. Mikey becomes popular with the MotörHead band. He played on the MotörHead popular albums: March or Die, Bastards, Sacrifice, Overnight Sensation, Snake Bite Love, We Are Motorhead, Hammered, Inferno, Kiss of Death, Motorized, The World is Yours, Aftershock, and Bad Magic. Also, he made his famous announcement which makes upset MotörHead fans After Lemmy Kilmister passed away,  he make the famous announcement that does not like by fans “The MotörHead cannot continue without Lemmy Kilmister.”

Before he joined the Motorhead band, he was broke. He makes his worth with the band. His net worth is around 9 million dollars.

Phil Campbell net worth

Phil Campbell is a famous guitarist from Wales. He started his carrier with the Persian Risk Group. With his band, he made seven singles like “Calling For You” (1981) and “Ridin’ High” (1983). In February 1984, he joined MotörHead. Because of the style that suits up MotörHead, he is liked by fans.

He has a different music style which is better than Brian Robertson. His style brings him huge success. He played on the band most popular albums: Orgasmatron in 1986, Rock ‘N’ Roll in 1987, 1916 in 1991, March or Die in 1992, Bastards in 1993, Sacrifice in 1995, Overnight Sensation in 1996, Snake Bite Love in 1998, We Are Motorhead in 2000, Hammered in 2002, Inferno in 2004, Kiss of Death in 2006, Motorized in 2008, The World Is Yours in 2010, and Aftershock in 2013. MotörHead’s final album Bad Magic was released in 2016 and reached #1 in Austria, Finland, and Germany.

He makes good worth with his successful carrier. His net worth is 7.5 Million. These days, he is pursuing a career with his sons. They created their band is called the Bastard Sons.

Eddie Clarke net worth

Eddie Clarke is a former guitarist commonly known as Fast. He was born in England. Despite his previous efforts, Eddie Clarke has not had a chance to play on the professional bands. That’s why, Before he joined the MotörHead, he worked odd jobs. While he is working his job, he met Lemmy Kilmister. His life changed completely. They made successful albums:

  • Motörhead
  • Overkill
  • Bomber
  • Ace of Spades
  • No Sleep ’til Hammersmith
  • Iron Fist
  • BBC Live & In-Session

His career on the MotörHead helped him to make his worth. Eddie Clarke’s net worth is one million dollars.

Lucas Fox Net Worth

Lucas Fox Net Worth
Lucas Fox

Lucas Fox is a British drummer from England. He is the founding father of the MotörHead. He started his career on Hawkwind bands like Larry. After he leave Hawkwind band, he started motörHead with Lemmy and Larry. However, their cooperation is not taking too long. However, he helped to band make good albums.

  • Motorhead – The Birthday Party
  • Motorhead – On Parole

Because of his leaving from MotörHead, he makes his worth his later career. Lucas Fox’s net worth is 1 million dollars.

Motorhead Members Net Worth

Phil Taylor’s net worth is around ten million dollars. His catch was a great success.

Brian Robertson net worth is $1.5 Million

We do not know what’s the exact net worth of Micheal Burston but we assume is more than 1 million USD.

Pete Gill’s net worth is around 1.5 Million dollars.


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